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Traditional Rugs

Inspired by the centuries-old designs of simple nomadic and fine Persian rugs


Traditional Rugs

Inspired by the centuries-old designs of simple nomadic and fine Persian rugs

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Classic rugs

Many models can be referred to as classic rugs. This category comprises Oriental rugs, but also subtle designs like, for example, rugs with borders or plain models of great quality, which are reasonably also referred to as “classically elegant”. But basically, it is a matter of taste if a certain rug is perceived as classic or not. Nevertheless, we want to offer a wide selection of classic rugs to allow you to select a model meeting your personal preferences. Therefore, you will find vintage rugs decorated with classically inspired patterns, as well as subtle wool rugs of great quality among our range. At our online shop you also have the option to use various filters to sort classic rugs by colour, pattern, material and many other features. Occasionally, the price is also very influential: a hand-knotted Oriental rug may certainly have the value of a small car, but fortunately, you can also find rugs for sale among our range - hence, you do not have to spend a large amount of money for that.

Oriental rugs

The Oriental rug is probably the best known and most popular kind of classic rugs. The range is enormous and covers all types of rugs originating from geographic regions commonly referred to as the Orient. These regions nowadays include areas of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. An Oriental rug can be produced in many different ways, using various materials: whether woven or knotted from wool, silk, cotton or hemp. These particular details often reveal more about their quality and origin, just like the design, which also varies depending on its descent. Thus, a North African Berber rug is similar to a modern shaggy rug in regard to its weave. An Iranian nomadic rug, on the other hand, impresses with its rich colours, oriental-style patterns and exotic flair. Nonetheless, all models share certain features: they are carefully made by hand using natural and valuable materials. Unfortunately, that makes Oriental rugs unaffordable for many. But luckily, we offer suitable alternatives: you can choose among reasonable Oriental rugs, but also models we produce ourselves on the basis of classic oriental designs. These are generally machine woven, using synthetic fibres and correspondingly are more inexpensive than their high-priced counterparts. Due to a robust processing and manufacturing using synthetic fibres, our Oriental carpets are very easy-care and can be used in most places without hesitation. This makes them versatile furnishings that even decorate the hallway of your home in the shape of rug runners. As we additionally offer a great selection in regard to different shapes and sizes, the rugs are suitable for many living spaces, among others also for the bedroom as a bedside carpet that usually have a small-format.

Persian rugs

The history of Persian rugs goes back to the 5th century BC. The oldest known carpet dates back to this period. Due to the skilful weaving technique, it is assumed that the origins of Persian rug production date back even further. Modern rugs are nowadays made by machine (woven or tufted), and therefore do not differ from other textile products in this regard, which are produced using automated and efficient processes ever since the industrialisation. Considering Persian rugs, the production has not changed substantially and thus skilfully hand-knotted pieces are still prevailing. Consequently, Persian rugs originating from the area that is now the Iran are one of the most prestigious furnishings, embellishing palaces and royal houses as well as classically-furnished rooms of “ordinary citizens”. Again, a distinction is made between the various types, classified according to their provenance, i.e. their origin. Among the best known are, for example, Nain rugs or Oriental rugs from Isfahan and many other Iranian cities or regions. At our online store, we offer a small but fine selection of high-quality Persian rugs. The number of knots per square meter is a significant quality criterion of Persian rugs and is therefore specified in detail in our product description, allowing you to gain a full impression of these masterpieces.