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Plain coloured rugs


Timelessy beautiful rugs in subtle plain colours

Plain rugs

Plain coloured rugs

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Plain rugs - Unpatterned, one-coloured rugs

Plain rugs or one-coloured rugs are real all-rounder and a wonderful accessoire for modern and classic furnished rooms. Simple, subdues and elegant - plain rugs enrich your home with a simple charme and with a gamut of colours made of elegant shades and subdues designs. The design of this special accessoire for floor is simple and impressive at the same time. Plain rugs are stricking thanks to their subdued elegancy and they are enriching every living zone - it's not important if it's a wool rug, viscose rug, Shaggy or outdoor rug. While multicoloured rugs are stricking in powerful manner, unpatterned, one-coloured plain rugs seem to be not very noticeable but they have an enourmous effect in the room and they're enriching the space. According to the principe "less is more" plain rugs characterise themselves with a reduction to the necessary. If you're especially focused in clear lines and open spaces - the plain rug is the best choice.

A variety of plain rugs

You can find an enourmous choice of plain rugs in every shade, form and size at benuta online shop. Whether a plain one-coloured runner or a round rug, you can choose a perfect rug for your home from the great variety of items. Also while choosing a material there is no borders - we stock plain rugs from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, sisal and jute as well as items from sythetic fibers such as viscose and polyacrylic. In case you prefer one material, you can use the filter options in order to limit the choice to your desired material. The same applies to the colour - particulary the rugs in natural shades such as beige, grey, brown and the ones in shades of aqua like turquoise and charcoal are especially beloved. Your advantage in benuta on-line shop: you can order 10x10 cm samples and let them be delviered to your address, so that you can have a better glimpse regarding the colour and the quality of rugs which could be difficult due to your screen color properties.

Classic & elegant plain rugs

Plain rugs create a classical elegance, which is suitable in living, bedroom, hall as well as in the bathroom. The plain one-coloured rug creates cosiness and counters cold, sterile atmosphere. Thanks to skillful placement of your plain rug, every piece can be transformed into an oasis of cosiness and depending on the heigh of the fibers it can add an individual character to the room.