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& Shipping

At benuta you have a choice.
Not only can you choose between different carpets and styles, but also the way of processing your order.
Ways of payment

  • Credit card

    Credit card

    We do accept MasterCard, VISA and AMEX.

    During the order process you can pay the amount by credit card. For that you need the card number, end of validity period and error checking number of the card. The check digit of the card has a security function, that is used by the credit card companies, to ensure that the credit card is physically present during the order process.

    On your MasterCard and VISA you can find the 3-digit error checking number on the back.

    On the AMEX it is a 4-digit error checking number and you can find it on the front. With the debit of your credit card account your items will be dispatched.

    Depending on the availability of items, your order can also be dispatched immediately.
  • Bank transfer

    Bank transfer

    With this option you make the bank transfer of the amount owed to our bank account. You will receive our bank details in the order confirmation, that will be send after the order process.

    Please indicate your order number, that you receive by email, as the reason for payment, as this will make it easier to assign your payment to your order.

    The dispatch of your items will be effected, as soon as the amount owed has been booked to our account, respectively during the delivery time agreed.
  • Paypal


    What is PayPal?

    PayPal is an established payment service online, that allows to pay securely, easily and quickly without demanding fees for the buyer.
    Secure: The data of your debit or credit card is only stored at PayPal. Because of that the data won´t be sent again through the internet by every other online purchase. Just register and make use of PayPal immediately. You can register under Connect your bank account or your credit card with your PayPal-account and you are able to pay with PayPal right away.

    You do already have a PayPal account? Click on the PayPal-button during the order process and you will be transferred to the website of PayPal. The dispatch will be effected right away, respectively during the delivery time agreed.
We deliver with:

Conveniant Shipping & Return

We deliver your items conveniant to your home.

benuta works with international and well known logistic companies like UPS and DPD and therefore guarantees an accurate transport of the items to your home. The delivery standard of benuta is convenient and applies to up to 5 samples. Please understand that for the dispatch of 5 samples and more, a shipping fee of 9,95 € is to be charged.