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Rugs & accessories in harmony with nature

From natural materials like wool and jute to recycled synthetic fibres: At benuta Pure you will find high-quality rugs and accessories that are designed to last. For more conscious furnishing and a home that matches your values.

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Mindful Furnishing - Conscious Living: benuta Pure

Always online, nonstop accessible and constantly on the go - in our fast-paced times, our home is a haven of peace that grounds and relaxes us. That makes it even more important that we furnish this place mindfully and consciously - with curated rugs and accessories from benuta Pure. Our designs are all about deceleration, returning to the essentials and drawing strength from the authentic. That's why we use high-quality materials that come from natural or recycled resources. Our timeless basics are designed so that you will love them for a long time - because conscious living also means mindful furnishing.

Bring Nature to Your Home With a Rug

We use durable and renewable raw materials such as wool, sisal or jute for our natural fibre rugs. No matter what size, colour or shape you are looking for - at benuta Pure you will easily find the perfect natural rug for your home. For more information about our materials, please visit our materials page.

Valuable Natural Resources: Rugs Made of Wool

Thanks to its natural properties, wool fibre is an excellent base for rugs - both dyed and natural. Our undyed wool rugs are particularly valuable for the environment: they are not dyed and thus save water and chemicals in production. Whether high pile, flat weave or undyed - our rugs made of wool are essentials for every home.

More great features of wool rugs:

  • moisture regulating

  • heat insulating

  • noise-absorbing

  • resistant to dirt

  • antistatic and dust-binding

Robust Classics: Rugs Made of Sisal & Jute

Rugs made of jute and sisal come from natural and renewable raw materials. With their timeless look and hard-wearing structure, they are the perfect basics for any home and blend effortlessly into almost any interior.

Rugs Made From Recycled Materials

At benuta Pure we design products that transform your home into a place of well-being. We always have the home of all of us in mind: our earth. With our designs made from recycled polyester, which is 100% derived from old PET bottles, we breathe new life into old plastic and prevent it from ending up in our oceans. In the manufacturing process we also reduce the use of water, energy and petroleum, taking an important step towards a more sustainable future. For this we even won the Green Product Award 2022 with our rug Kiah.

Many of our recycled designs are certified. Click here to find out more about our quality seals. You can see which seal your benuta Pure favourite bears in its product details.

Our Responsibility, Your Favourites

Most of our rugs are handmade in countries where rug production has a long tradition. We select our production sites according to strict criteria, such as fair working conditions, and only cooperate with partners who share the same values and guiding principles as we do. To actively combat child labour in the rug industry, we have been a partner of Care & Fair for many years. Since 2020, we have also been building a new school in Mowaiya, India. You can find more information about our benuta School in our blog.

Less is More: Responsible Shipping

To keep our ecological footprint low and to save unnecessary packaging waste we ship many of our products in recyclable boxes and adapt the size of the packaging to the size of the rug. This helps us avoiding oversized packages and unnecessary waste.

Conscious Furnishing, Enjoy it Longer

Careful living and furnishing begins with the search for the perfect rug. It is important to us to support you in the best possible way. That's why you can find a lot of advice on buying a rug in our benuta shop: finding the right size, the properties of individual materials and how to clean them. Once you have found your favourite and want to make sure that it really fits in your home you can also order many of our rugs as samples.