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    Discover Red Rugs: Red, Dark Red, Bordeaux & more

    A red rug or red carpet is a design element that adds beautiful, contrasting highlights to your home. Whether as a red runner or dark red shag rug - red carpets will bring a refreshing change in your interior. Red is the colour of love and is further associated with passion, energy and joy. In regard to interior design it represents a sense of self-confidence and vitality, especially in living spaces such as kitchens.

    Well, do you fancy a red carpet, too? Then browse through our huge range of colourful rugs online now and let yourself be enchanted by a breathtaking variety - from large red rugs to medium and small pieces!

    How to combine red rugs

    Red rugs can be combined best with black or white furnishings and home accessories. The result is a modern ambience that invites you to relax and unwind. The best thing about them is that they come in a large range of different shades. Thus, a burgundy rugs or a maroon rug also bring a touch of elegance into your homes as they perfectly match white, silver and grey furniture and home accessories. A pink rug, on the other hand, contains a higher degree of white and therefore has a more gentle look than pure red. Sweet and romantic, sometimes modern and fresh: A red rug is a versatile furnishing element to fall in love with. You would like to style a big room like the living room or your bedroom? How about a large red rug? It creates a romantic atmosphere and expresses your strong personality.

    How to set the scene for red rugs

    Rugs in red are best combined with black or white furnishing elements. This creates a modern ambience that invites you to relax and unwind. However, rugs in Bordeaux or wine red also add an elegant touch to your home and harmonise perfectly with furniture and home accessories in white, silver and grey. A pink rug also comes from the red rug colour family, but contains a very high proportion of white and therefore has a particularly soft effect. Sometimes sweet and romantic, sometimes modern and fresh: a red rug is a versatile piece of jewellery to fall in love with. Show off your new red piece to its best advantage and create a stylish and classy ambience in any living room!

    • Living room: A red rug brings warmth to your room. To increase the cosiness factor, choose a soft and cuddly deep-pile model. You'll walk on it like on clouds and always have nice warm feet. In the living room, red styles with a vintage and retro look, oriental ornaments or geometric patterns look particularly great.

    • Bedroom: In this room, we recommend a single-coloured piece to bring in more calm. Whether you choose a rug in red with a high or short pile is entirely up to you. Feel free to play with the shape or size of the model to create a cosy ambience. A bed rug makes your bedroom particularly cosy.

    • Kitchen: A runner in red can enhance an otherwise plain kitchen and create a visual highlight. Our rugs with matching sayings for the kitchen are particularly popular and stylish.

    • Hallway: You can always combine the colour red well with white or black furniture. Choose a round red rug in the entrance area to make it more inviting and friendly. The best choice here is a robust flatweave model that you can vacuum quickly and easily.

    Huge variety of red rugs

    Red rugs are also available in many different shapes, designs, materials and sizes. Treat yourself to a velvety red high-pile rug or decorate your garden or patio with a red outdoor rug. With modern and elegant patterns and all imaginable colour nuances, you are able to emphasise the individual character of the stylish floor accessories. There are many different shades of red, such as Bordeaux red, salmon red or light red and many more, although not every shade of red harmonises with every interior. It is therefore important that you choose your red rug carefully to integrate it well into the room in terms of colour. Looking for a rug in a different warm shade? Orange rugs are very similar to red carpets and provide just as much comfort and warmth.

    Elevate your home with luxurious red rugs

    Discover the warmth and vibrancy that a red rug can bring to your living space. Each piece in our collection is carefully curated to provide your home with a touch of elegance and comfort. From deep, rich tones to brighter shades, our red rugs serve as a focal point or a complementing accent in any room. Inspired by renowned weavers and the artisan creators, our selection is synonymous with quality and style. Whether you are looking for a plush red rug to soften your step or a distressed design to add character, our range offers unparalleled versatility and charm.

    Enhance your home with our exquisite red rugs, crafted to elevate your decor and create a welcoming atmosphere. Our rugs are not just decorative elements; they're woven stories of tradition and modernity, blending intricate stitching details with pure new wool for a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual. Whether placed in your living room or as part of a larger plush range of textiles, each rug promises easy returns and customer support to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Embrace the blend of colour and texture, and let a red rug from our UK mainland collection transform your house into a noble home. A large rug in red tones would definitelly add extra personality to your home and for the most creative ones it could be even used as wall art.

    Red rugs: The bold accent for your interior design

    Ignite passion and vibrancy in your home with our captivating red rug collection. A red rug is more than a decor piece; it's a statement of boldness and energy that can revitalize any living space. From the intense hues of a scarlet rug to the rich, earthy tones of a burgundy carpet, our assortment includes a variety of shades to suit your taste and complement your living room furniture. Whether it’s a stunning round rug beneath your coffee table or a red runner rug guiding the way through your hallway, these rugs promise to make an impactful statement.

    Our red rugs cater to a multitude of styles, whether you prefer the intricate patterns of traditional rugs or the minimalistic approach of plain rugs. Each piece is chosen for its quality and design, ensuring that you receive a rug that not only looks fantastic but also withstands the test of time. The vibrancy of our red carpets is matched by their versatility, with options ranging from luxurious wool rugs that provide sumptuous softness underfoot to durable oriental weavers that add an exotic touch to your décor.

    Exceptional customer service and delivery information are as integral to your experience as the quality of our rugs. We understand that purchasing a red rug is not just about acquiring a new item for your home—it's about enhancing your living experience. That's why we offer free delivery options to ensure that your new rug arrives promptly and conveniently. Whether you're dressing up a formal dining room or adding warmth to a bedroom, a red rug from our diverse collection is sure to elevate your home’s interior design.

    Buy red rugs online

    If you want to buy red carpets online at a low price, then benuta is the right place for you. Here you will almost certainly find the right model of your red rug. At benuta, in addition to the design and the unbeatable prices, the quality is in the foreground. We attach great importance to the fact that all our pieces are nearly as robust and long lasting. From small to medium to large: discover red rugs in a wide variety and select your favourite. With every order, we offer fast delivery as well as an extended return policy.