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      Carpets from benuta NATURALS

      Beautiful by nature: Natural fibre carpets from benuta NATURALS Natural materials and sustainability are now also very popular for carpets. The dusty eco-image of natural fibre carpets has long been a thing of the past, as these versatile foot cuddlers are becoming increasingly popular, which is why benuta NATURALS are now also available in our online shop. The natural beauties are available in many different designs and colours, which is why there is also the right model for your personal taste. Create a pleasant room climate and bring authentic cosiness into your four walls. While viscose carpets are ideal for people allergic to animal hair, runners made of sisal or jute look great in kitchens and hallways because of their durability. Wool carpets provide warmth. Our natural fibre carpets score points in terms of functionality and convince not only nature lovers of their extraordinary qualities. Let nature move in with you!