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    Wool rugs

    Wool rugs are high-qualitiy natural rugs and made from a renewable resources which are obtained from mammals such as sheep or goats. As scientifically proven, wool is the oldest fibre ever used by humanity and has been in use since the 4th century BC. Although synthetic fibres are now used increasingly in the textile industry, a great value is still attached to wool fibres due to their versatile properties and various possible applications. Therefore, it is used as the raw material of many different types of rugs and gives modern and classic models an equally beautiful natural look. The rough and extremely robust nature of the wool fibre also allows to be processed in various ways, such as the knotting, weaving or tufting of rugs. Sisal rugs, in comparison, usually have a woven structure.

    Warm Wool rugs

    A cosy wool rug lends a natural and warm touch to every home. As this is particularly welcomed in a living room and bedroom, wool carpets are the perfect accessory for these premises. Synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, on the other hand, are more suitable for kitchen rugs or outdoor rugs. Wool fibres have a loose structure and thus have natural thermo-regulating properties. Thanks to this "hollow" structure they are able to absorb water vapor and are able to emit it when needed. In addition, heat can be effectively stored in these spaces. The practical thing about them: wool rugs do not only insulate heat but also create a healthy natural indoor climate by regulating the humidity in rooms, neutralizing absorbed odors and giving them back to the environment. Other properties of wool fibres also speak in favour of their use for wool carpets. They are very elastic and stable, allowing the material to regain its original shape even after heavy loading. By doing so, marks where pressure was applied by furniture are rebuild.

    Colourful accents with wool rugs

    A wool rug is a natural product of high quality combining functionality and aesthetics. With a pure new wool rug you get a particularly high-grade and first-class product whose presence is always highly appreciated. Since wool fibres absorb dye very well, they are particularly fade resistant and non-fading. Natural rugs from wool fibres are available in various designs, ranging from abstract to classic and elegant to simple and plain, adding a vivid and fresh touch to your home in the form of vintage rugs, for example. However, wool carpets do not only impress with their great range of designs but also with a variety of different forms: shaggy rugs made from wool have a cosy pile and create great comfort in every room of your home. Round rugs made from wool also keep your feet warm and inspire you with their unparalleled form.