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    Wool Rugs: Natural Styles with a Feel-Good Factor

    Wool rugs are high-qualitiy natural rugs and made from a renewable resources which are obtained from mammals such as sheep or goats. As scientifically proven, wool is the oldest fibre ever used by humanity and has been in use since the 4th century BC. Although synthetic fibres are now used increasingly in the textile industry, a great value is still attached to wool fibres due to their versatile properties and various possible applications. Therefore, it is used as the raw material of many different types of rugs and gives modern and classic models an equally beautiful natural look. The rough and extremely robust nature of the wool fibre also allows to be processed in various ways, such as the knotting, weaving or tufting of rugs. Sisal rugs, in comparison, usually have a woven structure.

    Secure your new favourite piece now and browse through our wide selection of large wool rugs to medium and small models. We offer you beautiful rugs made of wool in a lot of different colours, shapes, styles and sizes. Keep an eye out on our discounts and secure a wool rug for sale for an attractive price.

    Warm Wool Rugs

    A cosy wool rug lends a natural and warm touch to every home. As this is particularly welcomed in a living room and bedroom, wool carpets are the perfect accessory for these premises. Synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, on the other hand, are more suitable for kitchen rugs or outdoor rugs. Wool fibres have a loose structure and thus have natural thermo-regulating properties. Thanks to this "hollow" structure they are able to absorb water vapor and are able to emit it when needed. In addition, heat can be effectively stored in these spaces. The practical thing about them: wool rugs do not only insulate heat but also create a healthy natural indoor climate by regulating the humidity in rooms, neutralizing absorbed odors and giving them back to the environment. Other properties of wool fibres also speak in favour of their use for wool carpets. They are very elastic and stable, allowing the material to regain its original shape even after heavy loading. By doing so, marks where pressure was applied by furniture are rebuild.

    Colourful Accents with Wool Rugs

    A wool carpet is a high-quality natural product that combines functionality and aesthetics. With a pure new wool rug, you get a particularly noble and first-class specimen for your home, whose presence you are guaranteed to appreciate. Since wool fibres can absorb colour very well, they are particularly colourfast and lightfast. For example, you will not only find a carpet in green but also in other soft and gaudy shades in benuta's range. From strikingly pop to classically elegant to plain and simple - modern wool carpets and also cotton rugs are available in a wide variety of designs and, for example, as Scandinavian carpets, bring liveliness and freshness to house and home. However, wool carpets impress not only with their design diversity, but also with a variety of different shapes: A high pile wool carpet with its cosy pile ensures a high level of comfort in all rooms and keeps your feet warm, but a round wool carpet will also delight you with its incomparable shape. A large wool rug fits perfectly to areas like the living room - here, it creates cosiness and helps you to relax and calm down after a long day. But also smaller pieces are a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms or the hallway.

    For those allergic to animal hair, we recommend a viscose rug made from natural synthetic fibres.

    In addition to colourful floor accessories in yellow or red, you can also find many stylish wool rugs in grey or other muted colours such as cream or white online. The great thing about these pieces is their versatility! Is your living room furnished in Scandi style? No problem! Do you particularly like the industrial look in your home? A grey wool rug fits in perfectly here too. Want to create a luxurious and modern charm? No problem with a stylish wool rug in grey. You can combine this model in just a few simple steps - with almost any interior style!

    Get Inspired

    Whether round, as a runner or classic rectangular: you'll find a huge selection of trendy and timeless woollen rugs online. Everyone will find the right piece for their home - from industrial look to boho chic and retro designs. Browse online now and discover wool models in many great colours, shapes and styles such as

    • Light wool rugs in beige, white or grey

    • Colourful pieces in green, blue or turquoise

    • Monochrome styles in black and white or with geo patterns

    • Round woollen rugs or as runners

    • Popular sizes such as woollen rugs in 200x300 cm or 160x230 cm

    Clean & Care Wool Carpets

    In order for the wool carpet to give you extra pleasure for a long time, you should first and foremost take good care of it. Wool carpets are particularly in need of care and there are some important points to consider when cleaning wool carpets. For more information, take a look at our guide article: Cleaning rugs & removing stains. For particularly stubborn stains or even particularly valuable carpets, you should make use of professional carpet cleaning.

    Shop Wool Rugs Online at Great Prices

    Whether in green, blue, cream or black: at benuta you will find a wide selection of wool rugs in many popular colours and styles. You can also choose your favourite from the various shapes and sizes that perfectly suit you and your interior style. Have your new piece delivered quickly and conveniently to your door. With every order you receive an extended return policy of 60 days, should you not like the chosen wool rug.

    Discover the beautiful wool carpets from benuta now and buy your rug online today. From time to time, we offer our wool rugs for sale so better keep an eye out on our discounts and secure yourself a great deal!