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    Bath mats & bathroom rugs for more comfort

    At benuta, we present you with a large selection of high-quality bath mats for every taste. Today, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of all: no house or flat would be complete without it. In recent years, it has also become even more important and many house builders today also invest specifically in a larger and well-equipped bathroom. However, despite the high value that is placed on the bathroom - and on personal hygiene, wellness and relaxation in general - it often has a cold and not very homely appearance due to smooth tiles and sanitary fittings, so that spending time there often does not bring the relaxation that one would like. Without having to redesign the entire bathroom, however, this effect can often be easily counteracted by a few tricks in the bathroom furnishings. The most important element here are all textile materials such as towels, curtains or a beautiful bathroom rug, as they soften the cold effect of ceramics and stone with their soft surface. Bath mats and bath rugs also have practical advantages: Equipped with a rubber backing, many bath mats are non-slip and thus provide additional safety in the bathroom. A good bathroom rug also absorbs moisture without any problems and thus ensures a more pleasant room climate and a drier floor. The requirements are similar to those for a good kitchen runner or robust outdoor carpet, but they should also be cosy and warm the feet like a cosy bed rug. Bathroom rugs thus combine various properties and are also usually washable and can therefore be easily cleaned in the washing machine if they get dirty (pay attention to the label).

    Decorating with Bath Mats

    In order to appeal to different styles and tastes, bath mats are now available in various designs and colours. Just like with round rugs, you can choose between rectangular and round bath mats. This of of course also applies to the pile height: Those who favour practicality can choose an easy-care low pile bath rug; someone who prefers a cosy bath mat, on the other hand, will get sheer pleasure out of shaggy bath mats in the style of shaggy rugs. All these variants have a robust finish and are perfectly suitability for humid rooms, after all not all modern rugs can be placed in the bathroom. A bath mat differs from other rugs in many respects. Even when exposed to humidity, it retains its original shape and colour without moulding or giving off unpleasant odours. Also, it does not shed; it is suitable for underfloor heating and can usually be washed in washing machine (follow instructions on label). These defining properties are gained by means of a unique manufacturing technique and the selection of robust materials, like special synthetic fibres or cotton. When it comes to colour, neutral shades are preferred: Grey rugs and beige rugs are very popular for the bathroom.

    Bathroom Rugs & Bath Mats in a Wide Selection

    But although they have to meet so many quality requirements, it is often not at all difficult to find good carpets for your bathroom, bathroom rugs or bath mats at a low price; especially if you want to buy your bath mat online. At benuta you will find a large selection of home accessories, including bathroom rugs and bath mats from various brands in different price ranges. Our diverse filter options by colour, material, shape and much more make it easy for you to find your preferred bath mat and, as usual, at benuta you of course benefit from low prices, short delivery times and free shipping - so you can quickly and easily find the bath mat of your choice and save money at the same time.

    Discover our Range of Bathroom Rugs

    Turn your bathroom into a wellness paradise with a bath rug or bath mat and be inspired by our variety! At benuta you can browse through a large selection online to find the right piece. Whether grey, green, beige or in colourful - choose your favourite from many different colours and patterns. Especially bath mats in beige or grey are real all-rounders and can be combined with any style. If you are looking for colourful variations, take a look at our stylish bath mats in green or our bath mats in turquoise. Are you looking for a smooth, flat bathroom rug or would you prefer a fluffy model? A bath mat with a high pile will give you a more relaxed start to the day. The soft pile makes you feel like you're walking on clouds and you'll have warm feet even in winter. Bath rugs with short pile are particularly easy to clean. They are very easy to vacuum and look stylish.

    Step into luxury: Premium bath mats for every style

    Elevate your bathroom's comfort and style with our plush collection of bath mats. Designed to pamper your feet with their soft cotton build and luxurious texture, these mats are a sanctuary for your soles. Our range includes a variety of designs, from pedestal to non-slip bath mats, ensuring safety and elegance go hand-in-hand. Whether you're stepping out of the shower or standing at the sink, our bath mats provide a cushy, absorbent underfoot experience that combines functionality with an aesthetic charm.

    Our premium bathroom accessories, including sumptuously soft cotton bath mat options, are crafted for both luxury and durability. Machine washable for easy care, they promise to maintain their lavish feel and vibrant colour wash after wash. From the tranquil hues of bamboo-inspired designs to the bold statement of a shower mat, our collection caters to all tastes and decors. With our dedication to customer service, expect seamless delivery and satisfaction with every purchase, ensuring your bathroom remains a haven of relaxation.

    Complete your bathroom ensemble with our exquisite bath mat sets, a perfect harmony of form and function. These sets provide a cohesive look to your bathroom floor, enhancing the overall design while offering the practicality of slip resistance and comfort. Our selection, ranging from the essential cotton bath mat to the innovative luxury bath mat, is poised to complement any bathroom decor, turning a routine space into a spa-like retreat. Indulge in the fine texture and superior absorbency of our bath mats, and give your daily routine the upgrade it deserves.

    Bath mats & bathroom rugs - benuta Guide

    Which bath mat fits in my bathroom?

    As far as the material is concerned, bath mats and bath rugs made of natural fibres, such as a sisal rug, are particularly suitable for your bathroom. Bath mats made of natural fibres make your bathroom particularly cosy and exude an inviting atmosphere, but they also absorb a lot of moisture, so they dry more slowly. If you prefer a bath mat made of synthetic fibres, we recommend polyacrylic, polypropylene or polyamide. The advantages of bath mats made of synthetic fibres are in particular the robust, tear-resistant finish, the non-slip properties and the fact that bath mats made of synthetic fibres are particularly easy to clean and dry quickly. We recommend using light colours for your bathroom rug, as this makes the room look larger and often also friendlier than with a dark bath mat in black. In terms of colour, the bath mats or bath rugs should be based on the colours of the other textiles in the bathroom such as towels, but should contrast with the colour of the tiles. If you don't know exactly which carpet suits you, we recommend our blog post "Which rug size fits best?".

    How do I wash bath mats properly and how often should I wash bathroom rugs?

    In order for your bath mat or shower mat to retain its shine and quality, it is important that you care for and wash your bathroom rug properly. How you clean your rug & remove rug stains depends, of course, on the material used and the type of soiling, and you should always follow the label on the bathroom carpet and the manufacturer's instructions. The washing temperature of your bathroom rug is between 30 and 90 degrees and depends on various other factors besides the material. An anti-slip bath mat, for example, should be washed at a low temperature. This is the only way your bath mat can retain its original charm and cosiness and continue to give you pleasure. We recommend vacuuming or shaking out bath mats approx. once or twice a week and washing them separately from other laundry every four weeks or replacing them if you have several bath mats available. For particularly stubborn stains, we recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned.

    What should I look for when buying bath mats & rugs?

    In particular, the carpet should have a non-slip underside made of latex (caution allergy sufferers) or rubber so that it cannot slip on a tiled floor. In the case of bath mats and shower mats that do not have a rubber underside, it is highly advisable to buy an anti-slip mat to prevent accidents. Due to the heavy use of the material in humid and often warm rooms, carpets in the bathroom, like outdoor carpets, should be of a special quality and not wear out too quickly.

    What is the advantage of bath mats and shower mats?

    The decisive advantage of a bath mat or shower mat is that it keeps your feet warm and you no longer have to stand on the cold tiled floor. This alone makes the bathroom rug a gem that you won't want to do without in the future. Furthermore, the bathroom can be designed individually with a bathroom rug. Especially in rather sad-looking, grey bathrooms, a bath mat or a bath or shower mat can give the bathroom a certain freshness and help to create a completely new atmosphere. Rugs stand out in the bathroom and are usually eye-catching. It doesn't matter whether the bath mat is patterned or unicoloured, a modern carpet will liven up any room!

    Convince yourself of the advantages of a bath mat now and discover the huge selection of bathroom rugs and bath mats in our online shop for rugs.

    Step into luxury: Transformative bathroom rugs for ultimate comfort and style

    Indulge in the plush delight of our premium bathroom rugs, meticulously crafted to transform your daily routine into an experience of luxury. The best bath mat is not just about aesthetic charm; it's about making a statement of elegance in your bathroom decor. Our cotton bath mats boast superior absorbency and a softness that pampers your feet, available in a palette of colors to complement any interior design. Slip into comfort and style with our non-slip bath mats, featuring a non-slip backing that ensures safety and convenience, especially in a small bathroom setting. 

    Embrace the fusion of style and utility with our wide range of bathroom accessories, including pedestal mats that add a touch of refinement to your bathroom floor. With free delivery and exceptional customer service, our store locator will guide you to the perfect selection, from cotton-rich textures to decorative patterns. Our shower accessories extend beyond functionality, designed to harmonize with your bath rug and create a cohesive look throughout your space. 

    Buy bathroom rugs & bath mats at benuta

    Your feel-good paradise is just a few clicks away: Browse online through our large selection of bath rugs, bath mats and bathroom carpets in many different sizes, shapes, colours and styles and choose your favourite piece! A bathroom rug in grey always looks stylish and can also be combined with colourful decorations or tiles. With soft bath mats with a high pile, even morning grouches start the day comfortably.

    Well, have you acquired a taste for it? Then we always offer fast and convenient shipping directly to your home. With our extended return policy, you have 60 days to return the bath rug or bath mat to us if you don't like it.