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    Fur & Faux Fur: Fluffy Rugs as Eye-Catchers

    When you think of faux fur or fur, an iconic interior design classic may come to your mind: a fur in front of the fireplace. A faux fur adds a cosy touch to any room and invites you and your guests to relax. The great thing is that (faux) fur can be combined in many ways. So you can create a new ambience in your home in just a few steps.

    Discover our selected range of high-quality faux furs in white, pink, black and many other colours today and find a decorative home accessory that perfectly suits you and your style.

    Charming Variety

    Are you looking for attractive home accessories that perfectly underline the character of your interior? Then a faux fur might be the right furnishing idea for you. It creates a cosy atmosphere and convinces with its cuddly feel.

    Fur rugs in sheepskin, lambskin or cowhide look are timeless classics, but plain models in natural or trendy colours are also very popular. In the benuta shop, you can expect high-quality faux furs in many different colours and pile heights. You can also secure some of our cushions in the fluffy look. Our DAVE collection is particularly cuddly and soft.

    How to arrange furs & faux furs comfortably

    There are no limits when it comes to styling and arranging. Would you like to get inspired? Then look no further and get some ideas in how to style a fur or faux fur:

    • Lay extra fluffy fur rugs over chairs in the dining room for more cosiness.

    • Use it as a stylish highlight on your sofa to make your living room extra inviting.

    • You can also use a faux fur as a bedspread substitute to start the day even more gently.

    • Choose soft pastel shades of pink or mint green and bring romance into your home.

    • Faux furs in white or beige create a modern ambience and look particularly luxurious.

    • Variants in black and grey go very well with industrial furniture.

    Luxurious comfort: Faux fur rugs for a cozy home

    Indulge in the sumptuous softness of our faux fur rugs, designed to bring a touch of luxury and warmth to any living room. These plush rugs are a cruelty-free alternative to sheepskin, offering the same level of comfort and cosiness without compromise. With a range of colours from classic neutrals to vibrant hues, our faux fur rugs can transform any area into an inviting space. The lush texture adds a layer of comfort that is perfect for relaxing after a long day or playing with little ones on nursery rugs.

    Our faux fur rugs are crafted with the highest quality synthetic materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to spills and stains. This makes them suitable for busy households where practicality is as important as style. They are an easy-care option for a bedroom, effortlessly adding elegance and an extra cushion pad underfoot. With their timeless classic appeal, these rugs promise to be a lasting addition to your home decor, maintaining their beauty even when exposed to direct sunlight.

    Choose from our diverse selection of sizes to fit any space, whether you need a small accent rug or a large centerpiece for your room. Our commitment to customer service means we offer easy returns, a price match guarantee, and even free buyer protection to ensure your shopping experience is as comfortable as our rugs. For that added assurance, our rugs come with delivery information and care instructions to keep your faux fur looking as good as new.

    Elegance in every strand: Chic and durable faux fur rugs

    Our faux fur rugs are not just about aesthetics; they're about bringing a piece of luxury into your home that's both functional and stylish. The acrylic fibers mimic the feel of real fur, offering an ethical and luxurious rug option for your home. They are a perfect way to add sophistication to any outdoor space, resilient enough to withstand the elements and maintain their softness and colour over time.

    We understand that your home is a reflection of your style, which is why we offer faux fur rugs in different colours to match any colour scheme. From the subtle elegance of beige to the modern edge of grey, these rugs act as a versatile foundation for your home furnishing. They're an excellent complement to Scandinavian rug designs, blending seamlessly with minimalist and contemporary decor alike.

    Shopping with us is a guarantee of quality and the lowest price, backed by our price promise. We provide polyester rugs that ensure durability and comfort, perfect for creating a cosy nook in any corner of your house. From the UK mainland to beyond, we deliver luxury right to your doorstep, with detailed product descriptions and care guidelines to help you make the most of your new faux fur rug.

    Buy fur and faux fur rugs online at benuta

    Furs and faux furs can be perfectly combined with any style of furnishing. Still looking for the perfect piece? Then browse online through our benuta shop and let yourself be inspired! In addition to the wide selection of colours and designs at great prices, we also offer an extended return policy. If you don't like your new fur favourite, you can simply return it to us free of charge within 60 days. This gives you time for the most important things in life - your home!