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    Small Details, Great Effect: Cushions & Cushion Covers

    Cushions and cushion covers are cozy and versatile decorative elements - a few touches are all it takes to turn your couch into a comfy oasis of well-being or give your bed a whole new look. Discover our wide selection and get inspired.

    The ideal cushion for your home

    There are cushions for each of your needs - stylish, practical or cozy. Depending on what you want to use them for, the material and size of the cushions and cushion covers are crucial. We'll tell you what matters.

    The right material of the cushion covers

    When it comes to the material of your cushions, you have many different options. Are you looking for comfortable cushions for the living room and bedroom or easy-care cushions for the kitchen, the hallway or your terrace? Depending on the room and the season, we recommend you to choose from:

    • Bedroom: little structure for more comfort, soft material (e.g. cotton, viscose or polyester)

    • Living room: soft sofa cushions or decorative pillows, round cushions

    • Kitchen and hallway: practical indoor and outdoor cushions, washable cushion covers, sturdy cushions made of jute as seat cushions

    • Summer: cushions made of cotton or linen

    • Winter: cushions in fur-look (e.g. our Collections DAVE or OSCAR)

    Buy cushions in the right size

    At benuta, you'll find a wide selection of cushions and cushion covers in standard sizes - perfect if you're in the mood for a new look and want to bring some variety to your home.

    Small cushions in the size 45 x 45cm are suitable as decoration for any room and find space everywhere. Longer cushions in the size 30 x 50cm can be comfortably placed in the neck. If you already have cushions at home and are only looking for a cover, determine the right size best beforehand with a tape measure. 

    Indoor and outdoor cushions for every style

    You dream of a living room under the open sky? Indoor and outdoor cushions make it possible. They are true all-rounders, because you can use them both outdoors and indoors thanks to their easy-care properties. They don't mind a little shower.

    Grab an outdoor rug and blanket, combine them with a pouf and some cushions and enjoy the summer outdoors. Together with a fire bowl and candles, it will also be really cozy outside in the winter. And if you don't need the outdoor cushions, they'll brighten up your living room and bedroom in no time at all. Interested? Browse through our online shop now and secure your new favourite piece. In our sale you will also find cushions with great discounts.

    Set accents with decorative pillows

    Decorative pillows combine comfort and style and perfectly emphasize your interior style. Whether you're into minimalist looks or prefer something a little more eye-catching, the colors of your cushions and cushion covers are crucial to the atmosphere in the room and add the finishing touches to your home. 

    • Calm and balance: If you already have a colorful or patterned interior, you can go for cushions in beige, gray and brown.

    • Elegant accents: Cushions in black and white are ideal for this.

    • Colourful eye-catchers: Go for bright colours. Cushion covers and cushions in green, blue, pink, red or yellow bring life to your four walls.

    • Playful looks: Playful boho cushions are fun to style. If you want to decorate your kids' room beautifully, take a look at our cushions for the kids' room.

    Elevate your home aesthetics with online cushion covers

    Transform your home's comfort and style with our exclusive range of online cushion covers. These essential home decor elements are just a click away, ready to refresh your living room, bedroom, or any sitting area. Our carefully curated selection of cushion covers comes in various fabrics, including luxurious velvet cushion covers that add a touch of sophistication to any sofa or armchair, and classic cotton options that bring a crisp, clean look to your living space. We understand the need for detailed product descriptions online, ensuring that you make informed decisions about textures, sizes, and materials that fit perfectly into your home’s design scheme.

    Indulge in the comfort of our plush cushion covers that effortlessly blend with your furniture and decorative cushions. Our range spans from the minimalistic and modern to the ornate and traditional, providing a plethora of options to find that perfect rug companion. If you're looking to bring the outdoors in, our outdoor cushion covers are durable against the elements and chic enough to match any outdoor furniture set. Plus, our delivery information guarantees that your new cushion covers will arrive swiftly, transforming your living space with ease and flair.

    For those who seek to make a statement with their home decor, our black and white rugs and cushion covers offer a monochromatic palette that stands out in any room setting. Our buying guide will help you navigate the many choices and select the right cushion covers to complement your interior design. With our online store, the latest in stylish soft furnishings is at your fingertips, offering an array of colour and fabric options to suit any taste. Choose our cushion covers to add a dash of beauty and comfort to your home.

    Buy cozy cushions & cushion covers at benuta

    At benuta you will find a wide selection of cushions in different styles and materials for every budget. Take a look around our store, discover your favorite cushions and give your home a new touch in no time. And if you change your mind, you can conveniently return your new home accessories to us within 60 days.

    There really can't be enough cushions in a cozy home, so go wild and snuggle up! Once in a while our cushions are on sale. Keep an eye on our discounts to secue a great deal.