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    Washable Kids' Rugs: Easy-care Pieces with Style

    Today the variety of washable kids' rugs is bigger then before. The furnishing of kids' rooms as an oasis of well-being and playing plays a significant role and is important for the rooms of our children. If you're looking for a washable kid's rug for girls and boys - you'll find it at benuta. Just like we're stocking a huge variety of modern rugs, we're enlarging our popular sortiment of washable kid's rugs all the time. The choice of colours and patterns are enormous and we're stocking many of washable kid's rugs so that we can guarantee speedy delivery. Naturally you can also receive particulary trendy patterns like for example a rug with stars, which gives an individual charme to every kids' room. You also have a variety of shapes available: oval, square, star-shaped or you maybe like a round rug? You can rummage in our shop with ease and choose a perfect washable kid's rug for you and your child.

    By the way: In addition to our washable models for kids, you can also find many other cute kid's rugs with attention to detail online. And if you're still looking for the perfect easy-care piece for rooms such as the living and dining room or the outdoor area, feel free to click through our huge selection of washable rugs. Have fun browsing!

    Get Inspired by the Variety

    Some of our children's rugs are washable so that your little ones can play, run around and explore the world freely without you having to worry about the floor accessory. Our easy-care and robust designs are available in many cute motifs, sizes, colours and shapes. Simply click through the online shop and find your new favourite piece:

    • Washable children's rugs with fringes and bobbles for a playful and lively ambience

    • Round pieces and models in a cute cloud design

    • Pastel-coloured rugs and cream-coloured variants for every colour scheme

    Washable Kids' Rugs - Quality Proofed

    It is a piece of cake to find a perfect model of washable kid's rug in benuta shop for everyone who's searching a washable kids' rug at an advantageous price. Apart from design and advantagous prices, we focus on the quality of the materials we use for the rugs. Our washable kid's rugs are produced of 100% pure cotton. Another point is that the washable kid's rugs are easy to maintain, robust and they can bear quite a lot like a resistant outdoor rug.

    Discover our sortiment of washable kids' rugs online at benuta.