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    Practical & Stylish: Washable Rugs for every Room

    Does this sound familiar? The kids run into the house with dirty shoes after playing in the garden or the dog makes himself comfortable on the rug with wet paws after a long walk in the rain - and it's ruined! With a washable rug you don't have to worry about this anymore. In our online shop you will find a lot designs that you can wash in the washing machine or by hand. This makes your everyday life easier and saves you from having to go to the cleaners. Just take a look at the product details before you buy and decide on a rug that suits you and your needs.

    Discover our easy-care designs for high-use rooms such as the living room, kitchen, hallway or kid's room and be sure that they are prepared for a multifaceted life. If your favourite doesn't fit perfectly, you can return it to us within 60 days. Discover washable living room rugs and many other designs online at benuta!

    What we love about washable rugs

    A washable rug from benuta not only brings cosiness into your home, it really makes your life easier. It is robust and can withstand a number of challenges. If something goes wrong, individual stains can be washed out quickly by hand. And even if it gets very dirty you don't have to dispose of it straight away - if you look after it well it will be a loyal and long-lasting companion.

    If your rug is machine-washable you can also put it in the washing machine. This is ideal for allergy sufferers, pet owners and families, as dust, pet hair or dirt can be easily removed in one wash. However, always read the label with the exact washing instructions.

    Nice to know

    Our practical floor accessories come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, shapes and styles. That's why you're sure to find a rug in our range that's not only washable, but also perfectly suited to your interior style and preferences. We tell you how to recognise the perfect model for your rooms.

    Materials, size and shape

    Is a cosy cotton rug ideal for you or are you more of a practical synthetic fibre type? Are you looking for a large rectangular rug for the dining room or a small round design for the kid's room? Below you can find out which material suits you and which sizes and shapes are available.

    • Cotton: Many of our washable rugs are made from the natural fibre cotton. It naturally absorbs dirt and moisture and is therefore particularly easy to clean. The material is also super cosy, which is why cotton rugs fit in almost any room.

    • Synthetic fibres: Some of our synthetic fibre collections are also washable. For example easy-care rugs made of polyester and polypropylene stand up well to wetness. Our indoor and outdoor rugs are also particularly practical. They cannot be washed in the washing machine but they are very easy to clean. Some of them are also washable. This makes them ideal for high-traffic rooms such as the hallway or outdoor areas.

    • Different sizes and shapes: Rectangular or round, large or small rugs - we have sizes ranging from 90 x 60cm to 300 x 400cm. Please note, a very large rug may not fit in every standard washing machine. However, individual stains can always be removed with a quick hand wash.

    Rugs for every room And interior style

    It doesn't have to be obvious that your furnishings are hard-wearing. At benuta you will find washable rugs in popular styles such as vintage, berber, skandi or boho. They look perfect in the living room and bedroom, but also in the bathroom and hallway. If you like it soft and cosy, but still don't want to look after your rug every time you have a snack or a glass of red wine, our CLOUDY high pile collection is perfect for you. Our washable kids rugs in cute designs ensure safe playtime fun in your child's room. So you don't have to worry when the little ones play on the floor and spill something.

    By the way: If you are looking for a particularly robust kitchen rug that is easy to clean, you can count on our indoor and outdoor rugs. Here too, there are no limits to your wishes, as they are available in subtle shades such as beige, cream or grey for a simple look or as eye-catchers in modern patterns and lively colours such as blue, green, yellow or red.

    Effortless clean: The versatile world of washable rugs

    Discover the perfect combination of style and practicality with our washable rugs. No longer do you need to compromise on elegance because of the fear of stains and dirt. Our versatile collection, featuring machine washable rugs, offers an easy-to-clean solution for every space in your home. From the kitchen to the living room, these rugs promise durability and a hassle-free cleaning experience. With a simple cycle in the washing machine, they come out looking as good as new, ready to grace your floors with their enduring charm.

    Indulge in the convenience of our washable rug selection, where sophisticated design meets modern technology. The days of worrying over spills and pet messes are over. Our machine washable rug collection is specifically curated to withstand the rigors of daily life, ensuring your decor remains unblemished. Whether you're looking for a runner rug to add depth to your hallway or a plush shaggy rug for a cozy touch, our rugs are crafted to suit your dynamic lifestyle without compromising on aesthetics.

    The allure of our washable rugs extends beyond their easy-care nature; they also offer a sustainable option with recycled pet rugs. These eco-friendly choices not only elevate your space but also contribute positively to the environment. In addition, for those who value unmatched service, our commitment to customer service ensures a seamless shopping experience from selection to delivery information. Our rugs are not just about aesthetics; they're about bringing a practical luxury into your home that caters to both your style and your need for a simple, clean living space.

    Enhancing your home with our washable rugs means you never have to hesitate when it comes to style. We provide a rug care guide that helps maintain the beauty of your rug, while our varied selection, including options like polyester for durability and wool rugs for a natural feel, ensures there's a match for every preference. Embrace the beauty of clean living with our exquisite range of washable rugs, and let your home make a statement of ease and elegance every single day.

    Buy washable rugs online at benuta

    Are you looking for a rug that suits you perfectly? Then you will definitely find your new favourite piece in our shop. In addition to our wide selection of designs and sizes, there are washable rugs for every budget that will stay with you for a long time. And if you change your mind, simply return your new rug to us within 60 days stress-free.