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    Large Rugs on Sale & Extra Large Rugs in Great Variety

    Colours have a great influence on the human psyche. For this reason, when choosing a large rug or an extra large rug, the colour must be chosen very carefully. The choice is vast: large rugs come in every possible and imaginable colour. Multicoloured rugs are also very popular. They come in a variety of patterns and styles. Does your heart beat for vintage or skandi? Simple stripes or floral motifs? Let yourself be enchanted by the diverse world of rugs. If the rug is to be large, it is especially important to think about how the rug should look in the room. In particular, think about the material, colour and exactly how to place the large rug.

    Styling of large rugs

    Large rugs and extra large rugs are available for every area of the house. Make a large rug the star of your living room and create a cosy ambience. Even the dining room can be made cosier with a rug under the dining table. But that is not all: a large rug successfully protects your delicate floor from scratches and stains. For stain-prone rooms, it is a good idea to opt for flat-weave rugs made of easy-care synthetic material. In living areas, such as bedrooms or living rooms, cosy shaggy rugs are popular, making getting out of bed a soft and warm pleasure.

    Discover our range of large rugs on sale at benuta

    Have you found your new favourite piece in our online shop? Then all you have to do now is choose the right rug size to perfectly set off your new floor accessory et voilà - your home will already look much more stylish and cosy! In addition to many great designs and shapes, you can buy different sizes at benuta. Browse online now and discover:

    • Rugs in 300x400 cm: Do you have a spacious living room? Then plan the rug around the heart of the room - the couch! For large sofa corners, a 300x400 cm rug is great for placing all the furniture on. The same goes for your dining area with a table seating up to 8 or a double bed.

    • Rugs in 250x350 cm: Even on this size, you can put a corner sofa including coffee table in a great light on a 250x350 cm rug. It looks just as beautiful when you arrange a large dining table on the model.

    • Rugs in 200x300 cm: For a 3-seater sofa in the living room, we recommend a rug 200x300 cm. Just place the front couch feet on the rug and you have created a cosy lounge area. In the dining room, this size is great for placing a table with 6 chairs on the floor accessory.

    • Rugs in 160x230 cm: This is a size in the medium size range. A 160x230 cm rug is a great way to highlight a 2-seater sofa in particular. Simply lay the model out in front of your couch and you can spend cosy hours in the living room.

    Expansive elegance: Transformative large rugs for every room

    Immerse your space in the grandeur of our large rugs, a collection that promises to elevate the aesthetics of any room, from a spacious living room to an inviting dining area. These expansive pieces are not merely floor coverings; they are statements of style, offering a canvas of colour, from the subtle tones of light grey to the depth of dark grey, and a variety of textures, including the plush comfort of wool. Whether you seek the intricate patterns of traditional rugs or the clean lines of modern rugs, our selection caters to all tastes.

    Our assortment includes not only the classics like Persian rugs and Oriental carpets but also contemporary pieces from renowned designers. Each large rug is a testament to master craft, with hand-knotted detailing and the use of high-quality natural fibers that ensure durability and softness underfoot. For those who desire a custom size, our design consultation services are ready to create a tailored fit for your unique space.

    Explore the functionality of our large rugs, which include options like easy-to-clean synthetic materials, perfect for households with kids or pets. Along with adding warmth to your floor, these rugs act as a focal point, anchoring your furniture and harmonizing with your home decor. Our delivery information makes purchasing a large rug online a hassle-free experience, ensuring that the right rug arrives at your door, ready to transform your home.

    Majestic floors: The art of decorating with large rugs

    Step into luxury with our curated collection of large rugs, each piece meticulously crafted to serve as the foundation of your room's decor. In the dining room or beneath the kitchen table, our oversized rugs provide a lavish touch, enhancing the room's acoustics and comfort. From the subtle elegance of cream and grey rugs to the bold statements of striped and patterned rugs, our variety ensures that every preference is met with unparalleled style.

    Our large rugs are more than just a design element; they are a practical addition to your living room, offering stain resistance and easy maintenance. Perfect for layering over hardwood floors or as a stand-alone on tiles, these rugs come in different sizes, including extra large options, ensuring every inch of your floor is covered in elegance. Our detailed rug guide aids you in selecting the perfect rug, ensuring it complements your existing decor and furniture pieces.

    As the UK's leading rug store, we understand the importance of quality and affordability. That's why we offer budget rugs that do not compromise on quality or style. Whether you're looking for a vintage touch with our antique rugs or a modern flair with our geometric rugs, our collection is priced to fit every budget. With free delivery and easy returns, we make it simple to choose the perfect large rug to enhance the warmth and richness of your home's ambiance.

    Grandeur of large area rugs: A Statement in Every Thread

    Immerse yourself in the luxury of spacious living with our premium large area rugs, the perfect blend of form and function for your home. These rugs are not just accessories but foundational elements that define and enhance the space they occupy. From extra large rugs that offer a sweeping canvas of design and color to large area rugs that create an inviting atmosphere, our collection is curated to cater to the grandest of spaces. Introduce a transitional rug into your modern home to bridge the gap between classic comfort and contemporary style, or select a wool rug for a touch of timeless elegance and enduring quality.

    When it comes to decorating larger spaces, our area rug collection offers endless possibilities to express your personal style. Whether you're accentuating the luxurious depth of a spacious living room or laying a foundation for a sophisticated dining room, our rugs provide both aesthetic allure and practical comfort. We understand that a large rug is an investment in your home's character, which is why each piece in our rug collection is selected for its quality, design, and ability to stand the test of time.

    Choosing the right rug for your room can be a significant decision, which is why we provide a detailed rug size guide to assist you. This guide ensures you find the ideal fit for your furniture arrangement and room dimensions, making your online shopping experience effortless and enjoyable. To complement our large rugs, we also offer a variety of runner rugs and round rugs, perfect for creating a cohesive look throughout your home. From the moment of purchase to the final layout in your home, our delivery service is streamlined to ensure your satisfaction. Embrace the grandeur of our large rugs and let your home make a statement that's as bold and unique as you are.

    Large rugs & extra large rugs for a cozy home at benuta

    With a large rug or an extra large rug, you can change the effect of a room to suit your taste in no time at all. With plain-coloured rugs, you can liven up empty spaces. Large or plain rugs increase the perceived size. There is a perfect choice for every room and style: be inspired by our selection of extra large and large rugs! In our shop you will always find a great selection of rugs of all kinds.

    Either you want to go for a round rug, a wool rug, a shaggy rug or a traditional rug, styles from vintage rugs to kids rugs will be available for you, ensuring you will find the rug of your dreams.