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    Get Cosy! Stylish & Beautiful Rugs for Living Room

    A living room rug is a stylish floor accessory with many talents: besides the huge cosiness and comfort factor, a rug in your living room has its very own charm and dampens noise at the same time. You can secure it in many different designs, colours, shapes and pile heights.

    Browse through our wide range of rugs for living room online and find a piece that suits you and your interior style perfectly - from minimalist to industrial to modern luxury.

    Tips for Your new Living Room Rug

    The living room is the centre of your home. It's where you relax and spend time with your loved ones. A rug creates a cosy atmosphere, keeps your feet warm, perfectly rounds off your interior style or makes an exciting statement with extravagant designs. The rug will bring lounge vibes into your home. Fancy a new living room rug? Our tips on pile height, material, colour and pattern will help you make the right choice.

    Find a Look That Suits You

    With a rug in your living room or your lounge area, you can express your personality and create a feel good area at the same time. Whether a living room rug in grey, beige or as a colourful eye-catcher: Secure a unique floor accessory for your home!

    • Easy-care and natural: with a rug made of cotton, wool, sisal or jute, you can give your living room the finishing touch. The natural materials look particularly good in rooms with minimalist or rustic furnishings. But they also go well with other styles. Plus: Did you know that rugs made of natural fibres are robust and durable?

    • Soft and stylish: Whether practical stone flooring or elegant parquet - a cosy high pile rug enhances any floor and lets you walk on air. The long pile is not only pleasantly soft on the feet, but also makes a visual statement.

    • Modern and colourful: Create a cheerful mood in your living room with colourful rugs and geographical patterns. Make them eye-catching by combining them with simple accessories or go for an exciting mix of styles.

    • Stylish and elegant: Bright rugs in colours like grey or beige add a modern-luxurious ambience to your living room. They go with any style of furnishing.

    • Washable pieces: Washable living room rugs are stylish floor accessories that are also particularly easy to clean - ideal for families or pet owners.

    How to Take Care of Your Rug for Living Room

    To enjoy your rug for living room to the fullest, pick up the hoover regularly to clean and maintain it. In addition to vacuuming, it's also helpful to beat the rug outside from time to time to remove extra dust and dirt. Take a look at the specific care instructions on the label to properly clean your living room rug based on the material. If simple home remedies are not enough, we recommend a rug cleaner for all rug materials except velvet, silk, corduroy and viscose.

    Choose the Right Rug Size for Your Living Room

    Not only the colour, design and material of a rug contribute to the atmosphere in your room, the size also influences its look. Three quick questions will help you decide whether a 200 x 300cm or 160 x 230cm rug is more suitable for your living room.

    1. How big is your room?

    2. Where is your furniture?

    3. How will your furniture stand?

    If your living room is particularly large, choose a large and cosy rug. It will harmoniously combine your sofa corner and other seating furniture such as poufs or stools. If you want to furnish small rooms, it is a good idea to place the living room rug directly in front of the couch or to place the front legs on it - et voila, your rug for the living room or a lounge is prettily arranged!

    Accentuate Your Living Space with Stylish Living Room Rugs

    Embrace the beauty of practical design with our exquisite living room rugs. Each shaggy rug in our collection invites you to sink your toes into its deep pile, offering unparalleled comfort and a hint of casual elegance. For those who cherish the outdoors, our durable outdoor rugs seamlessly bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, making them ideal for patios or sunrooms. Our selection of grey rugs can provide a neutral yet sophisticated base, allowing the colors of your furniture and decor to truly pop.

    For a seamless integration into your living space, our runner rugs can highlight hallways and transitional areas, guiding you through your home's journey. A beige rug could offer a subtle complement to your color scheme, providing a calm and collected atmosphere. And for those special touches of detailed artistry, our oriental rugs bring centuries of design tradition into the modern home. Our commitment extends to ensuring every aspect of your experience is catered for, from providing rug pads that keep your rugs securely in place to offering a variety of luxury rugs that redefine what it means to have elegance underfoot.

    With a nod to eco-friendly practices, our washable rug options offer convenience and sustainability, perfect for busy households where life’s little spills are a daily occurrence. We haven't forgotten about the little ones either; our charming collection of nursery rugs is designed to be soft, safe, and stimulating for children’s rooms. Whether you're dressing a sprawling living space or a cozy nook, our living room rugs are the final puzzle piece to a home that's as comfortable as it is beautiful. Every rug we deliver, backed with detailed delivery information, is a promise of quality and satisfaction delivered directly to your home.

    Buy Rugs for Living Room Online at benuta

    You fancy a rug for living room or a lounge rug to brighten up your home? Then you are in safe hands with us! We offer you a wide range of rugs for the living room in different price ranges - from affordable models to luxury pieces. Browse through our benuta shop and discover immediately available rugs in popular designs, colours and shapes.

    In addition to our top service, you can also look forward to an extended return policy of 60 days. Shop beautiful living room rugs now!