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    Shaggy Rugs & Fluffy Rugs for a Cosy Ambience

    Decorating a room with a shaggy rug or a fluffy rug is the best and the easiest way to create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Its texture is beautifully soft and therefore also perfectly suitable for kids rugs. Due to its deep pile and its comparably low yarn density, this furnishing classic, which is also referred to as deep-pile carpet or high pile rug, gets a charming shaggy look that has given it a cult status since the 70s. Ever since, the range of styles and materials has been expanding constantly and is now able to appeal to every taste. Although round rugs or colourfully patterned shaggy rugs are very fashionable, plain shaggy rugs are even more popular because the look and feel of a shaggy rug is already quite extravagant, motivating people to choose models with more subtle colouring. Additional delicacy is created through shiny effects brought about by glossy fibres or fibres of different length and width, creating a unique structure. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to consider all details of a shaggy rug, like its fibre structure, material and the pile structure. After all, these factors significantly influence the appearance of the shaggy rug and its effect in a room.

    Browse online and discover fluffy shaggy rugs. Our high pile models come in many popular and trendy styles. How about a modern high-pile piece in beige or cream, for example? There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to styling!

    The Advantages

    A long pile carpet is not only an absolute eye-catcher in your home, but also offers you many advantages. It is a:

    • Good source of warmth. The heavenly soft pile of the rug keeps your feet warm and cosy even in winter.

    • Practical sound insulation. Probably especially pleasing for your neighbours, because a deep pile carpet has sound-absorbing properties.

    • Soft underlay. Children love to play on shaggy and pets also like to make themselves comfortable on it.

    Indulge in Comfort: Luxurious Shaggy Rugs for Every Home

    Step into luxury with our exquisite range of shaggy rugs, designed to infuse your living room with unmatched comfort and warmth. These rugs, renowned for their soft shaggy texture and high pile, create a plush underfoot experience that is both comforting and chic. Our collection includes an array of colors, from the subtle elegance of light grey to the depth of traditional hues, ensuring that every rug not only adds texture but also complements your home's colour scheme.

    Each shaggy rug in our selection is a testament to luxurious living. Crafted from high-quality materials such as pure wool and long fibres, these rugs offer both durability and a sumptuous feel. Whether you're looking for a sheepskin rug to add a touch of opulence to your bedroom or a fluffy rug that brings a cozy vibe to different rooms, our rugs deliver an unparalleled tactile experience. With customer service dedicated to your satisfaction and convenient shipping options, embracing the softness of our rugs has never been easier.

    Beyond the comfort, our shaggy rugs are a statement of modern style, perfect for those seeking to add a contemporary edge to their living space. The cream and grey palettes, enriched by the intricate textures of hand knotted rugs, offer a versatile foundation for any room. Despite their luxurious pile height, these rugs are designed for ease of cleaning, ensuring that they remain a hassle-free addition to your home. With our detailed product descriptions and shipping information, find the perfect shaggy rug that speaks to your taste and enhances the functionality of your everyday space.

    Great Selection of Shaggy Rugs & Fluffy Rugs

    Whether round or as a runner, whether beige or black, whether large or small: at benuta you will find a huge selection of shaggy rugs in trendy styles online. Are you still looking for the perfect piece for your home? Then a cosy long pile rug will make your home more comfortable. Browse through our range now and choose your favourite:

    • Shaggy rugs in many different sizes: With the right rug size, you can skilfully accentuate your room and your furniture, which is why we offer you small as well as medium and large shaggy models. Rugs in 80x150 cm, for example, look great in small rooms, while rugs in 300x400 cm or 200x300 cm rugs fit perfectly in large areas like the living room.

    • Long pile models in great colours: Would you like a little colour? Then choose one of our long pile rugs in great colourways like pink, red, green or petrol blue. They set exciting accents in your home and are stylish eye-catchers. For monochrome looks or skandi styles, our fluffy models in white, beige, black or black/white are a great choice.

    • Fluffy pieces in modern shapes & styles: From round to oval to square - there are no limits to the shape of your high pile rug. In addition to classic rectangular models, you can also find round, oval or runner models online. With these shapes, you can easily liven up any room and visually upgrade and style even small rooms.

    Cosy Shag Pile Rugs

    Modern rugs in general and shaggy rugs or fluffy rugs in particular add a touch of comfort to many rooms. As the term "shaggy" already implies, a deep pile carpet has a hairy structure which can create many different atmospheres in a room. The long pile of cosy shag pile rugs does not only have a great appearance, but also impresses with its excellent functionality: it provides great comfort and is therefore perfectly suitable as a playing surface for children who enjoy romping around on the floor. In addition, shaggy rugs nicely keep your feet warm in winter. As they bring comfort, they are also popular as living room rugs, but should be placed in such a way that no chairs or armchairs are placed on them. All the advantages they bring with them also apply to shag pile bath mats, which are additionally non-slip and washable, or runner rugs, which can be placed in the hallway or used as bedroom rugs, creating a homely atmosphere.

    Get Inspired

    We offer you a wide selection of shaggy rugs in different colours, styles and sizes - in diverse price ranges! Browse through our online shop now and let yourself get inspired by:

    • Grey shaggy rugs

    • Cream shaggy rugs

    • Shag pile rugs with geometric patterns

    • Minimalistic high pile rugs

    • Colourful long pile rugs

    • And many more designs!

    Soft Flokati Rugs

    A flokati is strictly speaking a special Greek furnishing which has been manufactured in the same way for centuries. Traditionally flokatis are made from raw (sheep) wool and are characterised by a soft surface and a relatively firm texture. Thanks to their extremely shaggy and exceptionally cosy appearance and texture, they received a tremendous popularity boost in the 70s. Nowadays, shaggy rugs that are made by machine are also referred to as flokati rugs. Although this is technically not correct, the term is now established as a synonym. In regard to the final product, this difference is often regarded as irrelevant as the origin or traditional name do not have number one priority. Instead, the cosy appearance and feel of shaggy rugs and a production ensuring a robust product are of greater importance. These properties are also highly valued by benuta – no matter if they are referred to as flokati, shag pile or shaggy rug. All our shaggy rugs are suitable for underfloor heating and have been previously tested for their quality. Therefore, you can confidently select a high-quality wool rugs and models made from other materials – our great range offers a variety of shaggy rugs.

    Shaggy Rugs in Beige and Cream

    Perfect the popular Scandi style with a deep-pile rug in beige or cream! This stylish piece is a real all-rounder, as you can easily combine it with different colour schemes or keep it tone-in-tone with the all-white look. In the living room, a beige shaggy rug makes your room look much more open and friendly, while in the bedroom it creates a clean and calming ambience. A beige deep-pile rug in the hallway looks great. However, due to the light colour and high pile, you should be careful not to step on the piece with your street shoes in the entrance area.

    Buy Shaggy Rugs & Fluffy Rugs Online at benuta

    If you are interested in buying a pile carpet, you are in the right hands at benuta! We offer you a huge range online at attractive prices. In addition, you benefit from an extended return policy of 60 days if you don't like the shaggy rug or the fluffy rug after all. From round to square: Browse through our many shaggy carpets now and choose your cosy and soft favourite with a guarantee of comfort!

    From time to time you can secure our shaggy rugs on sale. Browse through our online shop and buy popular collections such as DAVE at great discounts!