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    Persian Rugs: Timeless Classics for Your Home

    Persian rugs have been enriching our interiors with manifold colours and intricate patterns for thousands of years. In addition to their highly impressive designs, they are also distinguished by fine materials which add great texture to these artistic floor coverings. Persian rugs are further characterised by an extraordinary quality thanks to the long established Persian art of carpet weaving, which looks back at considerably long experience and brings about products of the finest craftsmanship. Due to their wealth of motifs, solid properties and durable texture Persian rugs are greatly demanded worldwide. Originally, they were produced by nomadic tribes who used their craftwork for a number of different purposes. As the art and craft of weaving Persian rugs reflects the history and culture of these people, they can now be considered as ancient heirlooms which lend classical elegance to any living space.

    Traditional Persian rugs were initially created in various regions of Persia. While people of different tribal origins lived in this country for centuries, the official name of it was substituted with Iran in 1936 and now represents one of the oldest origins of oriental rugs. Generally, Persian carpets were woven by hand and classified according to their knot density, which refers to the number of knots per surface area and is usually measured in knots per square metre. A very high knot density indicates a time-consuming making, superior quality and thus a high value of the fabric.

    How to spot a persian rug

    The design of classic Persian rugs is characterised exclusively by floral and vase-shaped patterns. You can often see a beautiful ornament in the centre. It is framed by a border. When you think of an original Persian rug, you usually have red, beige and blue patterns in mind. These are the typical colours for a traditional Persian rug. Nowadays, you can also find beautiful prints in turquoise, brown, pink or yellow. The knot density and pile height in particular characterise a genuine Persian rug. At benuta you will find stylish Persian-style models.

    Persian rugs made from wool and silk

    Natural fibres like wool and silk have been used for the pile of Persian rugs for thousands of years, as these fibres are particularly robust, easy to clean and durable. Thanks to their fineness, they can be processed firmly and are even suitable for all kinds of dyes. Tendril patterns, floral motives and human figures are popular designs, which do not only decorate Persian rugs, but also a number of vintage rugs, which are often considered as the modern variant of the Persian rug. The design of Ziegler rugs is also inspired by these and is thus often covered with elaborate tendrils and elegant borders. While their intense colours are similar to those of boho rugs, their robust characteristics are also found in modern wool rugs and make these particularly authentic.

    Nain rugs and Isfahan rugs

    Persian rugs are usually named after their manufacturing area, also referred to as provenance, or after the ethnic groups producing them. Distinct motifs, rug patterns and colourings define each regional or tribal provenance and greatly contribute to the manifold wealth of Persian carpets. Nain rugs and Isfahan rugs originate from one of the most well-known region of carpet weaving, the Province of Isfahan, located in central Iran. Like other Persian rugs, Nain rugs and Isfahan rugs are characterised by a particularly high number of knots which are woven from wool or silk fibres.

    In addition to the sumptuous Nain carpets, there is a variety of other Persian carpets of the highest quality. Some of the best known include

    • Bidjar rugs

    • Hamedan rugs

    • Isfahan rugs

    • Keshan rugs

    • and Tabriz rugs

    Timeless craftsmanship: Exquisite persian rugs for discerning interiors

    Embark on a journey through the rich heritage of Persian rugs, a testament to the timeless craftsmanship and intricate patterns that have adorned homes for centuries. Each Persian rug in our collection is a piece of art. From the traditional designs that echo the history of the Middle East to contemporary adaptations that suit modern decor, our rugs are diverse, featuring rich colours and intricate designs that transform any room.

    These traditional Persian rugs are not just floor coverings; they are stories woven into the fabric of time, showcasing patterns and motifs that reflect the natural world, geometric patterns, and the cultural narratives of nomadic tribes. Made with natural materials like wool and silk, they bring warmth and comfort to any space, promising durability and a soft underfoot experience. Whether you're looking for a large rug to anchor your living room furniture or a smaller piece to complement your floor covering, our selection has something to suit every need and taste.

    Each rug is a unique item, offering a glimpse into the soul of Persian culture and the unwavering standard of its rug-making legacy. Our rugs come in various sizes, ensuring that whether you need a statement piece for your dining room or a subtle accent in your entryway, you'll find the perfect fit. With our easy-to-navigate website and dedicated customer service, including detailed product information and delivery options, bringing the elegance of Persian rugs into your home has never been easier.

    Woven elegance: Persian rugs to enrich your home

    Discover the luxurious world of Persian rugs, where every knot and weave tells a story of tradition and luxury. Our selection of Persian carpets and rugs is curated to provide an authentic touch of elegance to your home. These pieces are more than just rugs; they are heirlooms that embody centuries of tradition and style, with each hand-knotted rug boasting its own unique character and history.

    The beauty of a Persian rug lies in its details – the natural fiber that gives life to its texture, the traditional patterns that tell a story, and the craftsmanship that ensures each rug is a durable, high-quality addition to your home decor. Our rugs are versatile, ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to any room, from the bedroom to the living room, and even as a stylish runner in your hallway.

    Invest in the unparalleled quality of our Persian rugs, each designed to offer comfort, style, and a touch of the exotic. With a wide range of colours and patterns available, our rugs can match any interior design scheme, bringing a cohesive and refined look to your space. Experience the ease of shopping with us, from the comfort of selecting the perfect rug online to the convenience of our delivery services, ensuring your new rug arrives at your doorstep ready to transform your home.

    Buy persian rugs online at benuta

    Discover all the splendour of the Persian carpets online at benuta and give your interior an atmospheric ambience with traditional treasures of the Orient. Experience a wide variety of rugs in the benuta online shop!