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    Ziegler Rugs

    Ziegler rugs are inspired by the design of traditional Persian rugs and add an ancient look to every interior thanks to their rich patterns. Unlike other traditional rugs, the Ziegler rug is not named after its origin, but after the company Ziegler & Co. which was found in 1883 by a Swiss businessman in Manchester, in order to meet the increasing demand of knotted rugs in Europe. Also, Ziegler rugs have a more subtle motif than other traditional rugs like Kilim rugs, for example, as they were originally designed to appeal to the elegant and simple European style of interior design. Thus a Ziegler rug is decorated with filigree ornamental patterns without a central motif pattern. It is further distinguished by light beige and soft ivory colours, as these could easily be integrated into every interior style and create a homely atmosphere in every room.

    Timeless Ziegler rugs

    Ziegler rugs are characterised by simple palettes and beautiful, timeless designs which even bring elegance to modern interior styles. At benuta you will find a great range of Ziegler rugs in classic combinations of beige and red, but also a fascinating variety of modern colours, like soft grey ones. Traditional ornamental patterns represent a fundamental feature of this classic and even serve as inspiration for modern rugs. Just like Nepal rugs, Ziegler rugs are finished with an elegant border along the edges which is decorated with simple, beautiful ornaments and introduces a traditional yet modern look into your home. Thanks to the careful selection of high-quality materials, Ziegler rugs offer a beautiful variety of natural home accessories with wool rugs, but also various models made from solid synthetic fibres that will make a lasting enhancement to every living area.