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    Sisal Rugs

    Sisal rugs and jute rugs are true natural beauties, which lend a special natural charm to every home. In doing so, they mainly score with their biodegradable material won from leaf fibres of the sisal plant and from the stalks of the jute plant. As renewable resources, they do justice to the law of environmental sustainability and have a good environmental audit. Since they are just as robust and durable as the material used for wool rugs or outdoor rugs, they can be used in many ways and are particularly suitable as raw material for natural rugs.

    Sisal Rugs for Every Home

    Nearly every living area can be decorated with sisal rugs or jute rugs. Just like bath mats, sisal rugs are supplied with a non-slip carpet backing, offer a safe surface and stay on the spot. Thanks to their robustness, sisal rugs remain their look and feel even when placed in frequently used living areas and used as kitchen rugs and hallway runners, for example. Thus, natural fibre rugs prove to be particularly durable. The advantages of natural materials are very diverse: thanks to their hygroscopic properties they create a healthy living environment by absorbing moisture from the air and releasing it when needed. Despite of this, one should keep in mind that these modern rugs are not suited for humid rooms like bath rooms, since sisal rugs can be harmed when excessively exposed to humidity and water spots can become permanent.

    Natural Living with Sisal Rugs

    A sisal rug or jute rug is far more than only a functional highlight: it is the ideal floor covering for lovers of nature and all those who adore classic and timeless design. Since sisal rugs often come in natural shades, they are rather muted and provide a lot of space for the individual design of a room. Green rugs and beige rugs are popular models to create a natura-inspired atmosphere. Many sisal rugs are additionally decorated with a beautiful border which beautifully highlights the structure of flatweave rugs. Thanks to a great variety of shapes and sizes, it is possible to place them in nearly every room of the house. Sisal rug runners are particularly popular pieces as thanks to their shape, they are even suited for long narrow halls. However, other version also impress with their natural look and simple design. So no matter if you select a round rug or a squared one, they always create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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