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    Let's get Cosy - Blankets, Throws, Cotton Blankets & More

    Blankets, especially cotton blankets, are a great way to snuggle up, and they're also stylish decorative elements that can turn your home into a real feel-good place. For example, put them on your sofa, hang them over a chair or use them as a bedspread for your bed.

    Find the Right Blanket

    Are you looking for a functional blanket to protect your sofa, do you value style or do you just like it soft and cozy? It depends on the material, color, living space, your interior style and the season. We tell you what to look for when searching for the right blankets and throws. If you want to upgrade your little one's nursery, our kid's blankets made out of 100% cotton are ideal.

    Bedspread, Cotton Blanket, Plaid or Throws?

    A bedspread or throw gives your bedroom an uncluttered look and emphasizes your personal decorating style. Just put it over your bedspread after you've made your bed and make sure it matches the color of your bedding.

    Fluffy blankets, especially cotton blankets, are pure cosiness. They are warm and fluffy - perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. So-called plaids or living blankets you can find in almost every living room. They are not only great for relaxing and warming up, but also decorative and available in many styles.

    Whether your new blanket is suitable for your needs also depends on the material. We recommend:

    • in summer: light living blanket made of cotton or linen

    • in winter: soft cuddly blankets or fur

    • for the outdoors: an easy-care blanket in dark shades for picnics, a warm blanket made of wool or synthetic fibers for blankets

    • for covering the couch: robust cotton blankets in a simple design, for example in the colors off-white, cream, gray, blue, green or black

    Colors for Every Interior Style

    It's best to think about which blankets or throw will fit best in your home before you buy. Orient yourself to your interior. Do you follow a certain style or do you decide according to your gut feeling? Find our tips for stylish color combinations below and get inspired!

    • Match any style: Blankets in beige, grey and black.

    • Elegant and modern: Blankets in grey, off-white, cream, black & white, beige.

    • Natural look: Cotton blankets in green, brown, beige and ocher

    • Lively and colorful: Blankets with prints, patterns or 3D effects in bright colors like pink, orange, yellow, red or purple. Our boho blankets are perfect for a playful look full of joie de vivre

    Stylish Decorative Combinations with Blankets

    A blanket is not only functional - you can use it cleverly to give your home that certain something. For example, fold the blanket or throw and place it on a pouf or your couch. Then place a tray with candles, snacks or a book on the blankets - and you are good to go!

    Cushions and (cotton) blankets are wonderful to combine on your bed or sofa. Make sure they match each other in colour and style them into a cozy relaxation corner.

    Pick up the look and feel of your blankets in other home accessories. This brings tranquility to your interior. A perfect match are, for example, rugs, blankets, throws and fur from our cuddly-soft collection DAVE.

    Buy Blankets, Cotton Blankets & Throws Online at benuta

    In our versatile selection of cozy blankets, cotton blankets, bedspreads, throws and plaids you will definitely find something to your taste. Make yourself comfortable on the couch and think about which blanket fits into your home. We will deliver your new accessories to your home within a few days. And if you change your mind, you can simply send your order back to us within 60 days.