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    Secure Outdoor Rugs & Garden Rugs at benuta

    Flatweave and synthetic models are extremely versatile and multifunctional: their colourful accents provide refreshing variety and their flat pile ensures homely comfort. A real eye-catcher as an outdoor rug, garden rugs and balcony rugs are an absolute must-have for the garden season, whetting the appetite for relaxed barbecue evenings. In a beautiful way, they bring the cosy atmosphere of the living room outside, e.g. through pastel-coloured or grey rugs, and at the same time accentuate all types of garden furniture, whether classic wooden furniture or modern rattan furniture. The possibilities to use flatweave and plastic rugs go way beyond the outdoor area: an outdoor rug is very stain resistant and even decorates the interior of your home, for example, in the form of kitchen rugs or sisal rugs, and thereby beautifully highlight your home furnishings.

    Indoor and outdoor rug

    Made from long-lasting material, outdoor rugs or garden rugs are very hard-wearing - come rain or shine. The bases for these are extremely resistant and easy-care synthetic fibres, which assure robustness and durability. In addition, they are highly wear proof, particularly solid and only absorb little moisture thanks to their fibre structure which they also give off quickly to the air again. Therefore, synthetic fibres are also used for round rugs or bath mats. Thanks to their sturdy properties, they are particularly suitable for the outdoor and for indoor surfaces, which are frequently used. In addition, outdoor rugs are absolutely non-fading and remain vivid and colourful even when exposed to sunlight. They can be cleaned easily by light hovering or beating and give you endless joy.

    Al fresco elegance: Stylish outdoor rugs for every space

    Our outdoor rugs are crafted to transform your patio, terrace, or garden into an extension of your stylish living room. These durable pieces are the perfect addition to your outdoor furniture, bringing comfort, style, and a welcoming ambience to any outdoor living space. With a wide range of colours, from the natural tones of beige to the serene hues of grey, our outdoor rugs effortlessly complement your garden's palette, ensuring that your outdoor area is just as chic as your interiors.

    Experience the fusion of functionality and design with our outdoor carpet selection. Made from high-quality polypropylene, these rugs resist stains and dirt, maintaining their beauty through all weather conditions. Whether you're in need of a small rug to accent your coffee tables or a large outdoor rug to define a gathering space, our options provide versatile solutions. Opt for a waterproof outdoor rug to ensure a hassle-free outdoor experience, no matter the season.

    Each rug in our collection is a nod to sustainability, with options crafted from recycled materials, including recycled plastic, offering an eco-friendly choice for conscious consumers. The robust textures and patterns of our rugs not only add visual interest to your outside space but also provide the practicality of a non-slip surface. From round outdoor rugs that soften patio corners to Scandinavian-inspired designs that add a touch of minimalism, our outdoor rugs are the ultimate blend of practicality and inspired living.

    Outdoor rugs in a great variety

    Also with regard to their design, outdoor rugs and garden rugs are quite impressive. Whether Scandinavian designs, geometric patterns or as a playful boho rug, their broad selection nearly covers every style of interior design. The range of colours is equally multi-faceted: natural brown shades are just as represented as vivid colours. Their varied assortment of sizes and shapes also leaves nothing to be desired and even appeals to very specific demands. Since many balconies are very narrow, rug runners are particularly suitable as a balcony rug. Even large terraces or patios can be decorated and enhanced with a beautiful garden rug or patio rug. However, outdoor rugs can also have the shape of doormats or hall rugs, which are particularly robust and weatherproof and therefore perfectly suited for the entryway of a house. A stylish doormat welcomes every guest who enters your home and at the same time keeps dirt from being carried into your house.

    This modern and elegant collection of outdoor carpets has a certain je ne sais quoi and embellishes every living area. Get inspired by its diversity!

    The assortment at a glance

    As you can see, there are no limits when it comes to the design, size, colour and shape of an outdoor rug or garden rug. That's why you can combine it perfectly with any interior style. Browse through our benuta shop and discover:

    Style an outdoor rug in grey, beige, black/white & co.

    Welcome the warm days with a colourful floor accessory on your balcony, terrace or in your garden and bring feel-good vibes to your outdoor area. Whether you're looking for an outdoor rug in red, turquoise or other bright colours, you'll find the right piece online. Do you prefer something simpler? Then browse through our selection of great outdoor rugs in grey or black/white for an exciting contrast. Create a particularly harmonious look with outdoor rugs in beige or green. The natural colours create a feeling of calm and serenity and invite you and your guests to relax.

    Size guide: Find the right size for outdoors

    Especially in spring and summer, you spend a lot of time outside. To sweeten your time even more, your balcony, terrace or garden can be embellished with a rug in just a few simple steps. Large outdoor rugs in 300 × 400 cm or 200 × 300 cm, for example, look particularly good on spacious terraces with lounge furniture: they exude cosy charm and emphasise the spaciousness of your outdoor area. If you have a dining area outside, you can optimally place an outdoor piece under the table. For smaller areas on the balcony or narrow terraces, we recommend our outdoor runners or a round outdoor rug. With them, you can enhance even the smallest outdoor areas and create an ambience of well-being and relaxation. Our medium models in 160 x 230 cm or 140 x 140 cm are also a good alternative if you don't have too much space or want to arrange your furniture differently. Browse online now and find the perfect outdoor piece - from XS to XXL!

    The perfect look: Outdoor rugs & garden rugs in many designs

    From boho to classic to modern designs. Our diverse styles leave nothing to be desired! You want to try out the trendy boho chic? Then a colourful outdoor rug with a boho look is just the thing for you. It brings a breath of fresh air to your outdoor area and really brings it to life. The playful design not only matches the summery vibes, but also exudes good humour. It's sure to make barbecues with friends and family twice as much fun. Are you still looking for the right piece in minimalist or skandi style? You can also find outdoor rugs and garden rugs in black and white online. This colour combination creates a great contrast, especially in combination with colourful accessories such as cushions and blankets or colourful plants and pots. Try it out and turn your balcony, terrace or garden into a stylish eye-catcher!

    Colourful outdoor pieces for playfull looks

    Want to add colourful accents and turn your new piece into a stylish focal point? Then discover our outdoor rugs in bright colours such as blue, green, red, pink and many more. The playful designs will put a smile on your and your guests' faces, bring more vibrancy to the outdoors and look super stylish to boot. You can roll out the colourful outdoor rugs on your balcony as well as on your patio or in your garden - from runners and round models to large versions, you'll find the right size for every area at benuta. Browse online now and choose a patio rug or balcony rug that suits you and your outdoor area perfectly.

    Outdoor rugs: Elevate your exterior living space

    Transform your outdoor areas into stylish extensions of your home with our outdoor rugs. These versatile pieces are perfect for patios, decks, and gardens, offering comfort underfoot while withstanding the elements. Whether you're creating a cozy nook with garden furniture or defining a dining area on your patio, an outdoor rug adds a touch of homeliness to any outdoor living space. With a selection of sizes and styles, from large pieces that cover expansive areas to smaller options ideal for a balcony or terrace, you’ll find the right rug to suit your needs.

    Our collection includes patio rugs that bring color and texture to your outdoor furniture setups. Combine them with a fire pit for late-night conversations under the stars or place them under sun loungers for a luxurious poolside experience. Our outdoor rugs are designed to complement every style, from garden rugs that blend seamlessly with natural surroundings to modern rugs that make a statement with bold patterns and colors. Each rug is constructed to be durable and easy to maintain, making them perfect for both seasonal enjoyment and year-round adornment.

    We understand that your exterior decor is just as important as your interior, which is why we provide detailed delivery information to ensure your rug purchase is hassle-free from start to finish. From the moment you browse our selection to the delivery of your chosen rug, our customer service team is here to assist you. Explore our collection today and discover how an outdoor rug can elevate the look and feel of your outdoor living space, making it as inviting and comfortable as your indoor areas.

    Buy outdoor rugs online

    At benuta you have the opportunity to buy outdoor carpets and balcony rugs quickly, cheaply and conveniently online. Outdoor carpets have been very popular for several years for a reason and can be used both as a carpet for the balcony and as a carpet for the terrace or garden. At benuta you also benefit from top service and a 60-day return policy. Also keep an eye out for our discount campaigns, which we run regularly. This way, you can get your new high-quality outdoor rug at an even lower price. An outdoor rug transforms any outdoor space into an oasis of cosiness

    This modern, elegant collection of outdoor rugs and more rugs is guaranteed to add the finishing touch to any living area. Be inspired by their diversity and browse through our huge range!