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    Low Pile Rugs & Short Pile Rugs at benuta

    Low pile rugs by benuta are very functional and introduce delicate patterns and designs to your home thanks to their flat pile. Therefore, they are also referred to as short pile rugs or low pile rugs. Unlike shaggy rugs, on which filigree patterns are difficult to depict due to their uneven pile structure, contemporary rugs hardly set any limits. They can therefore be used in many different ways: because of their short pile, they are well suited as dining rooms or living room rugs, as pieces of furniture can easily be placed on them. A rug with low pile is a popular home accessory which is frequently designed in an elegant style and decorated with trendy designs, adding the finishing touches to a room and highlighting its individual style. Stripe and check designs are still among the evergreens, just like abstract geometric designs which perfectly match modern and retro-style interior and furnishings. These interior styles are also perfectly complemented by contemporary rugs decorated with trendy chevron patterns. Apart from rug designs, the distinctive zigzag lines also cover a range of other items including furnishings, clothes, wallpapers and accessories. Vintage rugs are also quite popular as their softly worn out look and the traditonal ornamental designs create the look of an ancient heirloom. They also nicely blend with a number of interior design styles, such as the casual bohemian style or the romantic shabby chic style, the latter of which mainly comprises delicate floral designs and classic printed patterns next to vintage elements in bright shades. Made from natural fibres, a sisal rug is a real classic and all-rounder among contemporary rugs.

    Let Yourself be Inspired

    Your new favourite piece may be just a click away. Browse through our huge selection of modern rugs and let yourself be inspired. Whatever style you're looking for, benuta offers lovingly designed rugs, including:

    • Exciting geo patterns

    • Beautiful eye-catchers in many bright colours

    • Discreet nature designs

    • Classic and modern vintage models

    Sleek and stylish: Discover our chic low pile rugs

    Immerse yourself in the understated elegance of our meticulously curated low pile rug collection. Ideal for any area rug application, these finely crafted pieces offer a smooth, sleek profile that seamlessly integrates with your existing decor. From the minimalist charm of a solid design to the sophisticated flair of a boho rug, our assortment caters to every preference. The low pile height ensures easy maintenance and a soft surface that's kind to your feet and furniture, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas like the living room or dining room. Whether you're dressing up a bedroom or defining a space in a modern rug-adorned entryway, our rugs promise a chic and inviting atmosphere.

    Our rug low pile selection is not just about the aesthetic; it's also about quality and durability. Crafted with synthetic fibers like 100 polypropylene or a blend of 50 polyester, these rugs offer resilience against stains and daily wear, ensuring your investment stays looking pristine for years to come. The short pile rugs bring texture and color palette versatility, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home. And with professional carpet cleaning, these low pile wonders will maintain their beauty and pile height, leaving you with a luxurious, lasting piece that's as functional as it is fashionable.

    Uncover the versatile charm of our low pile rugs, designed to complement every corner of your home with a sophisticated touch. From the softness of wool underfoot to the practicality of synthetic fibres, each rug is a testament to modern craftsmanship. Our collection offers a variety of textures, from the flowing text of a beautifully tufted rug to the structured stability of a rug with a stopp filt underlay, ensuring your rug stays firmly in place. Whether it's a shaggy rug you seek for a cozy feel or a berber inspired rug for a touch of exotic flair, our selection caters to your specific style and functional needs. Perfect for the bedroom, these low pile rugs offer a soft surface for your waking moments, while their short pile ensures a clean, uncluttered look, keeping your home looking effortlessly chic.

    Flat Woven Rugs

    A rug referred to as a flat woven rug only consists of a woven fabric and does not comprise an additional pile. Thus, these models have a very sturdy and robust finish. Often, flat woven rugs are made from synthetic fibres and create a beautiful rustic effect with their sisal-like look. Thanks to this great durability and craftsmanship, flat weave rugs are the perfect outdoor rugs suitable for your garden, patio and terrace. The designs and colours are usually subtle due to the lacking pile – but at benuta, you will nonetheless find trendy flat weave designs, including star rugs or ones with soft borders.

    Small Rugs

    Contemporary rugs also frequently have the shape of small rugs. These usually have a length of up to 1 metre, and are very valuable in creating small passages between short distanced spaces of your home. Often, they are placed in small corridors, for which easy-care flat weave rugs are the perfect match. Larger corridors are commonly decorated with longish and longer models in the form of runners. In the bedroom, on the other hand, small shaggy variants are used as bedside carpets to create a soft surface on wooden floors. But after all, passage rugs are true all-rounders, which can be used anywhere.

    Square Rugs and Other Shapes

    At our online store, we offer reasonable contemporary rugs in a great variety of colours and shapes for all different kinds of purposes. Sometimes one is looking for a square rug to decorate small rooms or to place underneath a coffee table. Those looking for trendy accessories for their kitchen will have great joy with easy-care and robust kitchen rugs. Round rugs, on the other hand, look great in the bedroom and hallway, but also add depth to the reading corner and create a comfortable atmosphere in every interior. However, in the end, it is up to everyone’s taste to decide whether a square rug, a round, a longish, a subtle one or one with an eye-catching design should decorate their home.

    Shop Low Pile Rugs & Short Pile Rugs at benuta

    Fancy a low pile rug or a short pile rug? Then browse through our wide selection of models online. Choose your favourite piece from many different colours, shapes and sizes and have it delivered quickly and conveniently to your door. If you don't like the low pile rug, you can easily return it to us within 60 days thanks to our extended return policy.

    When it comes to the choice of colours, there are no limits with benuta! Play with different colour nuances and create a cosy ambience just the way you want it. A short pile rug in grey, for example, looks great with the popular Scandi style but also with the trendy industrial look. Have fun browsing, shopping and styling!

    Light Shades: Short Pile Rugs in Beige, Grey & more

    Some of our bestselling pieces are true all-rounders and blend harmoniously into any interior style. We're talking about beige short-pile rugs, but you can also easily combine grey or white models in a stylish way. Browse online now and discover short pile rugs in beige, grey, white and cream in relief and waffle textures or subtle lines and prints.

    Stylish Short Pile Rugs for the Living Room

    The practical thing about floor accessories with a short pile is that they are easy to care for: you can quickly vacuum up crumbs, recognise stains immediately and treat them with a carpet cleaner. This is why short-pile carpets are perfect for the living room. It's best to choose a model made of wool or cotton and your short-pile living room rug will be comfortable underfoot despite the short weave. If you want a cosier feel, we recommend a fluffy shaggy model.