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    Round Rugs & Circular Rugs at benuta

    Round rugs or circular rugs are usually not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about getting a new rug. However, round rugs are often a nice alternative. Thanks to their unique shape, they are surprisingly diverse and create a refreshing and varied atmosphere in every living area. The patterns and designs of these original accessories are just as distinctive as their form. Retro style, classic or as a boho rug - round or circular rugs are multi-talented and equally complement modern and classic styles of interior design. Their round appearance additionally provides a great contrast to square edges and straight contours, creating a cosy and welcoming home where you feel complete comfort.

    Browse our huge range of round rugs in grey, yellow, blue, black, white and many more colours online and discover your new favourite piece. Sometimes you can shop our round rugs for sale - so better keep an eye on our discounts to secure a great deal. Our beige round rugs are our bestselling pieces and true all-rounders! We also have round rugs in white and round rugs in green. Something for every taste.

    Circular Rugs in a Wide Range

    Circular rugs are available in an amazing range of sizes and are customized to fit any room. When decorating smaller living spaces, one should keep in mind not to stuff them with too much furniture or too many accessories. Therefore, small circular rugs are the perfect fit for such rooms: They add a vivid splash of colour without being intrusive. Whether as a living room or bathroom rug - the round floor accessory is a true statement piece.

    Large circular rugs, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for extensive or open spaces. Depending on personal tastes or individual use, they can either be placed in the middle of a room or even highlight individual areas of your home. The useful thing about large circular shapes: Compared to square designs, such as rug runners, they are very space-saving and have a wonderful loosening effect on the entire interior. Round rugs are also a beautiful accessory for outdoor use. Especially on a large balcony or terrace, they can unfold their full effect. Of course, you can find outdoor rugs in all sizes, shapes and colours online.

    Shop Your Round or Circular Rug by Size

    Whether small, medium or large: at benuta you will find a great selection of round rugs in different sizes online. So you can easily upgrade rooms like the bathroom, living room or bedroom with just a few simple steps. Click through a wide selection of styles and discover:

    • 100 cm diameter round rugs: ideal for small living spaces to visually highlight a specific area and make it more vibrant. The 100 cm round model also looks great as a bathroom rug. However, it is better to avoid natural fibres such as sisal or jute and go for a wool or Synthetic fibre rug instead.

    • Round rugs with a diameter of 150 cm: This medium rug size can be placed next to the bed to add depth to your bedroom. Besides, you start the day more relaxed because the round rug 160 cm or 150 cm protects your feet from the cold floor.

    • Round rugs with a diameter of 200 cm: Whether living room, bedroom or dining room - with a large round rug with 200 cm diameter you can redesign spacious areas. Lay the floor accessory under a small dining room table, for example, and voilà - the area immediately looks much more inviting and cosy.

    • Large round rugs with a diameter of 250 cm: This size is also particularly suitable for spacious areas such as the living room or dining room. With a large, round rug with a diameter of 250 cm, you can showcase your furniture in style.

    Diversity of Designs and Great Softness

    Textile accessories, and round rugs in particular, are the key to a beautiful ambience of the home. They round off any style of interior and exude warmth and cosiness which you do not want to miss - especially not in a living room or bedroom. Round fluffy rugs bring about a very positive effect in these areas as their shaggy pile, which is often made from wool or synthetic fibres, provides a pleasantly soft tread and great comfort. Whether in blue, red, black and white or green: at benuta you can get round rugs and circular rugs in many great colours and styles and various pile heights and sizes. So everyone will find the perfect accessory. For example, how about a round rug in black or a round pink rug for a cute accent.

    These Styles Would fit Perfectly to Your Home

    Whether it's natural styles in sisal and jute or dreamy boho designs - are you looking for a piece that perfectly suits you and your interior? At benuta you'll find a wide selection of popular and trendy patterns and styles. Browse online and get inspired by:

    • Round coloured rugs: How about a bit of colour? In a bright Art Déco style but also in a minimalist interior, round coloured rugs add that special something. Express who you are and make your home more interesting with round coloured rugs.

    • Circle rugs in beige and cream: The vanilla style is still on trend and brings calm and harmony into your walls. To feel cosier and to make the bare floor look good, a round rug in colours like cream, white or beige fits perfectly - a colour choice that is always right for you!

    • Round jute rugs: Bring nature into your home with a jute round rug. The natural fibre spreads relaxing vibes and can be combined easily with modern, minimalist but also classic interior styles.

    • Round fluffy rugs: Walk like on air with a round fluffy rug. The high pile is very soft and cosy - ideal for cold winter days on the sofa. You can secure the fluffy model in round for your living room in many colours.

    Round Wool Rugs for Cosiness

    Our round wool rugs are made with attention to detail and feel pleasant on the feet. Why not give it a try and place a round wool rug in your bedroom or hallway. This piece will create a cosy atmosphere and bring the room to life. Experiment with the colour, whether with the rug itself or with colourful home accessories, it's entirely up to you and your creativity. Discover our round wool styles online and choose your favourite!

    Round Rugs and Circular Rugs with a Special Spark

    Round rugs or circular rugs come in a great wealth of shapes and colours. Their diversity goes beyond round shaggy rugs: circular short-piled variants are also quite impressive and particularly suitable for kitchens, corridors or as kids rugs. Round sisal rugs have a very natural charm and are shown to their fullest advantage in other areas of your home like, for example, the dining room. A circular rug made from synthetic fibres is the perfect match for a bathroom. Cold tile floors are beautifully transformed thanks to coloured accents in the form of round bath mats which create a homely atmosphere and warmth. In addition, round bathroom rugs are particularly suited for wet rooms as they have the property of absorbing a great amount of water.

    Whether large, small, plain or decorated with a fashionable pattern, round rugs certainly embellish any living area - especially round rugs for the living room promise more cosiness for your home.