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    Round rugs

    Round rugs are usually not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about getting a new rug. However, round rugs are often a nice alternative. Thanks to their unique shape, they are surprisingly diverse and create a refreshing and varied atmosphere in every living area. The patterns and designs of these original accessories are just as distinctive as their form. Retro style, classic or vintage rugs - round rugs are multi-talented and equally complement modern and classic styles of interior design. Their round appearance additionally provides a great contrast to square edges and straight contours, creating a cosy and welcoming home where you feel complete comfort.

    Circular Rugs in a wide range

    Circular rugs are available in an amazing range of sizes and are customized to fit any room. When decorating smaller living spaces, one should keep in mind not to stuff them with too much furniture or too many accessories. Therefore, small circular rugs are the perfect fit for such rooms: They add a vivid splash of colour without being intrusive. Large circular rugs, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for extensive or open spaces. Depending on personal tastes or individual use, they can either be placed in the middle of a room or even highlight individual areas of your home. The useful thing about round shapes: Compared to square designs, such as rug runners, they are very space-saving and have a wonderful loosening effect on the entire interior.

    Diversity of designs and great softness

    Textile accessories, and round rugs in particular, are the key to a beautiful ambience of the home. They round off any style of interior and exude warmth and cosiness which you do not want to miss - especially not in a living room or bedroom. Round shaggy rugs bring about a very positive effect in these areas as their shaggy pile, which is often made from wool or synthetic fibres, provides a pleasantly soft tread and great comfort.

    Round rugs with a special spark

    Round rugs come in a great wealth of shapes and colours. Their diversity goes beyond round shaggy rugs: circular short-piled variants are also quite impressive and particularly suitable for kitchens, corridors or as kids rugs. Round sisal rugs have a very natural charm and are shown to their fullest advantage in other areas of your home like, for example, the dining room. A circular rug made from synthetic fibres is the perfect match for a bathroom. Cold tile floors are beautifully transformed thanks to coloured accents in the form of round bath mats which create a homely atmosphere and warmth. In addition, round bathroom rugs are particularly suited for wet rooms as they have the property of absorbing a great amount of water.

    Whether large, small, plain or decorated with a fashionable pattern, round rugs certainly embellish any living area.