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    Square Rugs at benuta

    From round to rectangular to oval - rugs come in every shape. Especially if you love harmony and balance and are looking for a unique eye-catcher, a square rug is just right for you! If you want your new accessory to be square, you can easily find the right design at benuta. Shop a square rug in 160x160 cm, 200x200 cm and other sizes now!

    What makes square rugs so special?

    With square designs, all sides have the same length. Therefore, the square rug is especially interesting for rooms with a lack of symmetry or with a limited space. A square rug will bring calm, order and clarity to your home thanks to its straight lines. Tip: Use a rug pad to ensure that it doesn't slip and become a stumble trap. We recommend that you choose a rug that harmonises with the floor plan of your room. If your room is rectangular, a rectangular rug is perfect. If it is square, such as a small kitchen, hallway or balcony, a square rug will look more balanced. The same applies to furniture: a square rug goes perfectly with a square dining table, for example.

    Basically, we recommend that you choose a rug that harmonises with the floor plan of your room. If your room is rectangular, a rectangular rug will fit perfectly. If it is square, such as a small kitchen, hallway or balcony, a square rug in 160x160 cm or 60x60 cm looks super harmonious. The same applies to furniture: a square rug goes perfectly with a square dining table, for example.

    The advantages at a glance

    • Square rugs create a feeling of calm and symmetry

    • They are perfect for small rooms

    • They come in countless styles and sizes. At benuta you can find square rugs online in 160x160 cm, 200 x 200 cm and other sizes.

    Wide selection of designs

    Whether it's an outdoor rug that's square or a cosy high pile model for your living room - in our benuta shop you'll find a rug that suits you perfectly thanks to the huge selection of materials, colours and sizes. Here are 3 tips to help you choose your new favourite piece:

    1) Size

    Choose the right size to make the most of your new square rug. Determine the right size based on the central piece of furniture in your room. If your bed, sofa or dining table is very large, we recommend a square rug with a minimum size of 300 x 300cm. If you have little space in the room, a square rug measuring 160x160cm will suffice.

    2) The materials

    From luxuriously shimmering viscose to robust jute or natural wool - at benuta you can find square rugs in different materials for every lifestyle and taste. For the living room or bedroom, we recommend a cosy model. Especially square high pile rugs made of wool or synthetic fibre provide a warm and cosy feeling here. Easy-care models made of synthetic fibres or washable rugs are suitable for the balcony, terrace, kitchen or hallway.

    3) Colours & styles

    Choose your new square rug to match the rest of your interior and create a harmonious look. A square rug in grey, black or cream goes well with a modern style. Scandi-style rugs are also the perfect complement to a monochrome look. If you like it colourful and extravagant, you will also find a wide selection of colourful square pieces in the benuta shop that perfectly match the Colourful Living trend - your possibilities are endless!

    How to care for square rugs

    Clean your rug thoroughly and regularly to enjoy it for a long time. Vacuum it once a week, air and tap it out regularly and give it a deep clean every one to three years. Wash it in the washing machine or by hand if the manufacturer says you can. If you can't wash your rug, a rug cleaner will help.

    Square Rugs: Defining Spaces with Symmetry and Style

    Square rugs are a refreshing departure from the conventional, offering a distinct shape that can complement a variety of living spaces. From under the dining table to the center of your living room, these rugs create an inviting atmosphere with their clean lines and balanced proportions. Our collection includes an array of options, from the artisanal charm of hand-knotted rugs to the modern appeal of abstract designs. With square rugs, you can effortlessly match your rug to furniture pieces such as dining chairs, bar stools, or a sliding door wardrobe, ensuring a cohesive look throughout your home.

    The versatility of square rugs extends to their functionality; they are suitable as outdoor rugs, enlivening your patio with style, or as living room rugs that anchor your seating area. The wool rugs in our collection promise warmth and softness, while the hand-woven options offer a durable solution for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. In the bedroom, these rugs can harmonize with bedroom furniture, providing a sense of completeness and comfort to your personal retreat.

    Our square rugs come in a variety of colors and materials, including vibrant colors for those who wish to make a statement and grey rugs for those who prefer understated elegance. For those concerned with the environmental impact, our natural fiber rugs offer sustainability without compromising on style or quality. Each rug is a celebration of craftsmanship and design, ready to transform any living space into an area of beauty and comfort.

    Square rugs: A perfect fit for contemporary elegance

    Embrace the contemporary elegance of square rugs, a perfect fit for the modern home. These rugs offer more than just floor covering; they provide a structure to your space, whether it's a snug fit for your dining room or a statement piece for your living room. The geometric precision of square rugs makes them an ideal complement to modern rugs with geometric or striped patterns, as well as a bold contrast to traditional rugs with intricate designs.

    Our square rugs cater to all tastes and home decors, from the luxurious feel of premium rugs to the robust warmth of wool rugs. Their diversity in texture and color, including options in natural shades and grey, allows for endless styling possibilities. They can be paired with home decor items like floor lamps and dining room tables, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your interiors.

    Choosing the right size is crucial, and our collection includes sizes ranging from small rugs that fit quaint living spaces to large rugs that cover expansive areas. With our rug size guide, you can find the perfect square rug to suit your needs, ensuring it fits just right and elevates the room's ambiance. Our square rugs are not just decorative elements; they are practical additions to your home, offering a harmonious blend of form, function, and fashion.

    Discover elegance & comfort with premium square rugs for every living space

    Immerse yourself in the world of square rugs, where elegance meets functionality. Each meticulously crafted square rug in our collection brings a unique combination of comfort and style to your home. From the living room to the bedroom, these versatile pieces offer a seamless blend of modern and traditional elements, perfect for accentuating any décor.

    Step into the future of home design with our modern square rugs, curated to elevate your living space with their bold patterns and vibrant colors. Whether you're seeking a statement piece for your dining room or a subtle complement to your outdoor lighting, our rugs are a testament to sophisticated styling and practicality. Their size and shape make them an ideal choice for any area, providing a harmonious balance that enhances your existing furniture and color scheme.

    At our core, we are dedicated to providing not just a rug, but a complete experience that includes unrivaled customer service and comprehensive care instructions. Navigate our diverse range through the convenience of our store locator and enjoy the simplicity of finding your perfect rug. Our promise extends to ensuring easy rug cleaning and maintenance for a home that's both stylish and smartly equipped for everyday living.

    Buy square rugs online at benuta

    This sounds good to you and you would like to try something new in your home? Then our benuta online shop is the right place for you! We offer a wide selection of square rugs at prices that will inspire you! Once you have found your favourite piece, we will send it directly to your home. And if you don't like it, you can simply send it back to us. Have fun scrolling and shopping and fall in love with our square rugs in 160x160 cm, 60x60 cm and more now!