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    Bedroom Rugs & Bedside Carpets - Cheap and Cosy

    For many people, the bedroom is a place of relaxation and recreation - reason enough to make yourself comfortable. Once the right bed is selected and placed in the room, the bedroom can be transformed into an oasis of wellbeing with a flick of the wrist and the help of beautiful textile accessories. Cosy bedroom rugs and soft bedside carpets are indispensable for that matter. Usually, they are placed right in front of the bed and create a comfortable atmosphere in every bedroom.

    Discover our wide selection of bedroom rugs now. We offer bedroom rugs for cheap prices as well as luxury pieces. Browse now and get yourself inspired!

    Cosy Bedside Carpets

    Traditionally, bedside carpets are positioned on both bedsides, as well as at the foot end of a bed. No matter whether comfortable wool rugs or models made from soft synthetic fibres are chosen, bedside rugs beautifully complete the interior, keep your feet warm in a gentle manner and thus let every dream come true. Shaggy rugs also adapt well to the concept of cosy bedrooms as their long shaggy pile is comfortably soft and offers a pleasant tread when getting out of bed. Depending on one's personal taste and individual use, a single bedroom rug also wonderfully accentuates the interior of a bedroom and proves that the possibilities of decorating a bedroom comfortably are endless. In the form of kids rugs, bedside carpets even offer a nice playing surface and kindly warm the little ones at bedtime. When it comes to colours, blue rugs or brown rugs look well in the bedroom. Blue radiates calm and has a relaxing effect, while brown spreads warmth.

    Variety of Shapes and Colours at benuta

    Whether you're looking for a cosy rug with a cuddle factor or a round rug in green: if you're still looking for the right bed rug, you're sure to find it in our huge range. Browse through our benuta shop online now and discover:

    • Extra fluffy high-pile rugs. They are the perfect little helpers against cold feet and help you get off to a cosy and gentle start to the day.

    • Short woven rugs. Particularly easy to clean and therefore ideal for pet owners. With a bed rug like this, your four-legged friend can lie next to you at night without any problems.

    • Colourful rugs in blue, red, green and more: create a visual highlight with your bedroom rug. A good mood is guaranteed!

    Rugs for Bedrooms

    The practical thing about bedroom rugs: individual designs, shapes and sizes add a personal touch to the bedroom while emphasizing all types of interior design. Vintage rugs and boho rugs are particularly eye-catching and create a delicate, individual look thanks to their faded colouring and bright designs. The bed, the most important element of a bedroom, can be beautifully highlighted with rug runners or other types of bedroom rugs. If harmonious, soft lines better suit the interior or if only little space is available for decorating, small round rugs are the perfect choice for your bedside carpet. But no matter what shape bedroom rugs take, they always create a comfortable place which you can come back to every night to rest, relax and recharge your batteries for the next day.

    Whether in green, blue, cream or black: discover our cheap bedroom rug now and secure yourself an attractive deal! We also offer luxury pieces as well as rugs in the medium prize range. You can always chose your favourite out of a great variety of styles, colours, sizes and forms!