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Rugs that stand up to life and look great

Whether for big or small, two- or four-legged: at benuta Nest you will find easy-care rugs and home accessories in modern designs - for a home that everyone loves.

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benuta Nest - In Style for Everyday Life

Do you want an easy-care rug that is not only practical but also stylish and modern? If so, you can rely on the benuta Nest collections. Whichever rug you choose - it is prepared for a colourful and versatile life. But you don't have to compromise on the designs either: Besides timeless Vintage and Berber styles, you'll also find all-time favourites and the latest trends.

Easy-care Rugs for Your Colourful Family Life

Clean easy, stay long - that's the benuta Nest motto. Whether you have children or pets - our rugs are robust and can withstand one or the other stain. Short pile and flat-woven rugs are especially practical, as you can simply vacuum them during your usual household routine. That's why our benuta Nest collections are so practical and easy to clean:

  1. Many rugs are washable, so you can clean them easily.

  2. All rugs are made of durable materials (e.g. natural fibres like cotton, sisal and wool or synthetic fibres like polyester, recycled PET bottles, polypropylene).

  3. Stains on our designs with insensitive colours and well thought-out patterns are not easily noticed .

  4. Some designs are foldable, which makes them easy to store.

  5. Many models have a short pile (no tripping hazards, animals don't get their paws caught).

True all-rounders are dirt-repellent indoor and outdoor rugs made of synthetic fibres such as polypropylene or recycled PET. They don't mind a short rain shower and you can simply use them indoors in the winter months. They are easy and quick to clean and are therefore ideal for busy rooms such as kitchens, hallways or dining rooms. Sisal rugs are also a great alternative here, if you prefer the natural look. On our blog, we share some helpful care tips so that your rug will last for a long time.

Washable Rugs for Safe Playtime Fun

Carefree playtime with the little ones in the children's room without having to worry about stains? benuta Nest makes it possible. Discover a large selection of washable rugs made of cotton in modern designs that you can wash by hand or even put in the washing machine without hesitation. You'll find washing instructions on the label.

In busy rooms like the living room, kitchen or hallway, small spills will quickly find their way on your rug. Our durable rugs withstand the rigors of everyday use. So the turbulent family life can quickly go on again.

If you want even more safety for children and pets, our carpet pads are an ideal addition to your new floor accessory. They are non-slip, prevent tripping as well as ripples or creases in the rug. Washable kid's rugs and our most beautiful collections especially for children are available at Lytte.

Modern Home Accessories for More Cosiness

Try cosiness! Our stylish home accessories are also robust, easy to clean and some are even washable. In addition, cushions, blankets or furs bring warmth into your home and create a fine, relaxed atmosphere in which the whole family feels comfortable. Combine them minimalistically in natural tones such as cream, beige, brown and grey or make lively statements with bright colours and patterns.

A cosy companion with many talents is the pouf. Use it as a seat for spontaneous visits, for example. It creates a relaxed ambience right away. If you don't need it to sit on, you can also use it as a table or shelf.